Dana White: Wanderlei has nothing to be ashamed of, age gets us all

source: fightersonlymagazine.co.uk

Saturday night Chris Leben knocked out Wanderlei Silva in 27 seconds, the quickest loss of The Axe Murderer's career. This prompted an outpouring of fan sentiment that the time was right for Wanderlei to retire. The feeling was not fueled from fans tiring of Silva, but rather from a respect for all he has done, and concern for his safety.

UFC President Dana White was among the concerned, saying Wanderlei “may be done."

For his part, Wanderlei wants to keep fighting, twittering “I cried, I thought a lot of shit, and now I’m ashamed and only think in one thing now: I want a rematch."

Fighters Only spoke to Dana White briefly today. The UFC president shows no signs of having reversed his position.

“He has nothing to be ashamed about. He has been an amazing fighter for the last 10 years, people love and respect him. Age gets us all,” he said.

Wanderlei is of course extremely unlikely to get a rematch with Leben. There was no controversy involved in the loss and the main issue rather seems to be whether his chin can stand up to competition these days. He has won just two of his last eight fights and has suffered bad knockouts in four of the six losses.

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Samoanpowr site profile image  

7/7/11 4:45 PM by Samoanpowr

The majority of Wand's problem coming over to the U.S. is his age.  He had already started his slide when he signed with the UFC.  

The Notorious OMG site profile image  

7/7/11 4:43 PM by The Notorious OMG

things & rules were different in pride, lots of guys have had the same problem coming over to the US, let's not play dumb

The Notorious OMG site profile image  

7/7/11 4:40 PM by The Notorious OMG


Samoanpowr site profile image  

7/7/11 4:38 PM by Samoanpowr

He has lots of "fights" left in him and he has plenty of "fight" left in him.  What he doesn't have any longer is a chin that will stand up to his style of fighting.  He knows no other way to fight other than move forward and swing.  He's not going to change, and the results of the fights aren't going to change either.  Wand always sets the tone with a big flurry.  Leben knew this and had the chin to implement the "stand in the face of the storm and fire back" gameplan. I strongly believe that people that would like to see Wand continue fighting, deep down know that he has ZERO chin left and just HOPE that he lands a big shot first because they KNOW that eventually, when he gets popped in the beak even reasonably hard.............he's going down. I don't need anymore images of Wand getting his soul kicked out of his head or riding the invisible motorcycle on his back in the middle of the Octagon or spooning the invisible man against the cage wall. He plunger raped Rampage twice, LAUGHING as he did it in his prime........and then gets left laying on his back gurgling in his blood against Jackson after he started spiralling.  Enough. I hope he never fights again............and he's my favorite fighter of all time.  Always will be.

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

7/7/11 4:21 PM by RyannVonDoom


PosterboyOwnsMe4 site profile image  

7/7/11 4:19 PM by PosterboyOwnsMe4


BigWilliam site profile image  

7/7/11 4:18 PM by BigWilliam

Time and improving striking skills caught up with Wanderlei. 4 savage ko losses in 8 fights? Time to call it a day.

Burton site profile image  

7/7/11 4:15 PM by Burton

Yes, Wanderlei looks different. Why? Because he had facial surgery and he is now fighting at 185. He looked great in his previous fight against Bisping. I am amazed that nobody has noticed that Chris Leben actually moved in to fight Wanderlei instead of running. We had a game plan to move in and take advantage of his openings up the middle. Most fighters move away from Wanderlei, but Chris moved in. Chris's implementation of the plan is what beat Wanderlei Saturday night. Did anyone notice how hard Chris hit him? Who could have taken those shots? I have been a Wanderlei fan from the beginning. I understand that he doesn't want to end his career with a loss like that. I think he still has a lot of fights left in him. Give Chris some credit for that win.

mijo site profile image  

7/7/11 3:12 PM by mijo

Hey Dana! Go fuck yourself! Wanderlei was fighting when you still had hair, and who fucking you God, Bitch!

Kbox site profile image  

7/7/11 3:07 PM by Kbox

even as a new fan back in the day wandy was the first fighter i wanted to see everytime it was his cardhe looked like a monster back thennow he just looks different to me