Charles Oliveira: Pennsylvania AC was too hard on me


The Pennsylvania Athletic Commission overturned the result from the June 27 Charles Oliveira vs. Nik Lentz fght due to an illegal knee thrown by Oliveira on the downed Lentz, In an interview with Gracie Mag, Oliveira responds.

Gracie Mag: You admit you threw an illegal knee but the fight wasn’t stopped and you tapped out Nik Lentz. On the occasion you took the “fight of the night” prize. What are your thoughts about them changing the result to a no contest?

Charles OliveiraShoot, what happened is that they gave me the win. The right thing to do was to have the ref stop the fight, at most penalize me a point, and let the fight start again. But no, the fight continued. I know it’s not the UFC’s fault, but it is the Athletic Commission’s; I think they were too hard on me. Jon Jones threw an illegal elbow, the judge stopped the fight, the athlete didn’t return to fight but they gave Jon Jones the win. Jon Jones threw an illegal knee on Shogun, everybody saw it, but they gave the win to Jon Jones. So I don’t understand why they went an overturned the result on my fight. But that’s alright, I’m happy with what’s going on in my life, on to the next one. It’s all in the past and now I’m focused on Cerrone.

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Recent Comments »

JustBlogGuy site profile image  

7/10/11 10:44 AM by JustBlogGuy

I love watching Charles fight, but I'll never be upset to see him lose, because his attitude is terrible. Two fights ago you have him discrediting the skills of his opponent, a black belt in the sport Charles is a purple in, mind you, and saying that he's going to "show Jim Miller what real BJJ is," before swiftly getting his leg yanked off.Now, this fight, he's trying to act like there is no responsibility on his own shoulders for throwing an illegal strike, like the ref missing it suddenly excuses him from throwing it. He's young, so there's plenty of time to grow up, but until he does it's hard to really root for the kid.

UltraMagnus site profile image  

7/8/11 3:43 AM by UltraMagnus

I second that....

Kanabull site profile image  

7/8/11 3:38 AM by Kanabull

Lol nice troll job.

Evilzpet site profile image  

7/8/11 3:16 AM by Evilzpet

Don't get me wrong though. I'm glad Lentz is out of commission for a little while and we don't have to watch his disgraceful dry humping for points.

Sigitywop bears site profile image  

7/8/11 3:15 AM by Sigitywop bears

Both are warriors and i think if charles somehow loses against cerrone and lentz pics up a win they should definitely have a rematch just to be fair and set the record straightOff subject but this is what I wish i could see more of on the ug. Respect to both of u for showing some class. It's rare around here

Kanabull site profile image  

7/8/11 2:22 AM by Kanabull

Lmao wtf? You use the NFL as a standard to prove your point? You ever heard of challenges? The coaches are allowed to throw a flag that forces the referee to review their own call.

Evilzpet site profile image  

7/8/11 2:15 AM by Evilzpet

Way wrong. A bad precedent would to have allowed Olivera to land a devastating illegal strike and give him the win. That opens up doors for guys to sneak nut shots, bite, and do other illegal shit for the win when they think the ref has a bad angle. I find the former way scarier than the AC taking a win away when a fighter cheats to victory. I think Charles would have won anyway but what the AC did was no different than overturning a win for someone who popped for roids.

gusto site profile image  

7/8/11 2:07 AM by gusto

just get rid of these faggy rules

5 Round Main Event site profile image  

7/8/11 1:49 AM by 5 Round Main Event

What the fuck is wrong with Olivera?I mean seriously everything he said to defend himself is completely wrong and ass backwards. Hopefully someone tells him what the fuck is going on.

Kanabull site profile image  

7/8/11 1:40 AM by Kanabull

I'm not saying Lentz was winning, but you really think he was already out of the fight? You ever watched MMA before? Most unpredictable sport on the planet.How do you know Oliveira wouldn't have gassed and then ended up losing in the third round? You say Oliveria was robbed of a win, I say Lentz was robbed of the opportunity to prove his ability to weather the storm and prevail victorious.I apologize for the overreaction. I'm just sick of people bad mouthing Lentz. Most haven't even seen him fight more than once and they call him a LnP guy. I saw his fight live in Seattle and he is a real fighter with huge heart. Would have won FOTN there as well if those two Bantamweights hadn't had an absolute slugfest following his fight.He was losing badly to Oliveira, but so was Anderson Silva against Chael Sonnen. Lentz was not out of that fight yet, and like I said, he was cheated out of his opportunity to prove it.Also, that cut/mouse under his eye was nasty. No way they would have let it continue if the ref hadn't filled his pants.Also FYI, I think Oliveira is a FAR better fighter. But if you're a fan of MMA, you should also know the best fighter doesn't always win.Again, sorry about the mindless zombie comments. Thanks for being cool headed in your response unlike myself.