Faber and Cruz both ready for rematch, but will the UFC book it?

by Gene Mrosko | source: mmamania.com

Because of how close the fight was, calls for an immediate rematch have been ringing through the halls of Zuffa headquarters. "The Dominator" told MMA Weekly he's down for whatever:

"I'm never going to shut down fights, I don't choose fights I never have. I've never chosen one of my fights ever. So if that's what the fans want, if that's what Dana (White) wants, I'm the champion and part of being the champ is just taking the fights that are given to you. If that's what's given to me, that's what's given to me, let's do it."

Here's what Faber had to say to Chad Dukes of 106.7 The Fan:

"I think my next fight will be probably three to four months and it will probably be against one of the top contenders. I don't know if they'll give me a rematch right away but I know that everybody wants to see the fight again. Dana himself said he would hate to be a judge in that case. He didn't really say who he would have voted for, he just said, 'I would hate to be a judge.' But I think everybody wants to see the rematch. Dominick himself said he would be wanting a rematch also. I think it's going to happen here in the near future."

Indeed, UFC President Dana White did, in fact, say an immediate rematch isn't totally out of the question when he was put on the spot at the post-fight press conference.

However, initial emotions have subsided and it seems less and less likely as days go by.

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BJJkilla site profile image  

7/8/11 6:55 PM by BJJkilla

faber will win his next fight and suddenly jump ahead of everyone and get ANOTHER title shot.

Gullivers Travels site profile image  

7/8/11 6:44 PM by Gullivers Travels

LOL at Faber thinking "everyone wants to see a rematch". No one does. Lets see some new fights please!!


7/8/11 6:42 PM by K-Dub-"T"

 lol @ "very clearly".

Bounty Hunter site profile image  

7/8/11 6:37 PM by Bounty Hunter

please no

jaseprobst site profile image  

7/8/11 2:43 PM by jaseprobst


epwar site profile image  

7/8/11 2:27 PM by epwar

If Cruz loses, they will be like, "Uh, sorry, back of the line with you. Earn your shot."  

epwar site profile image  

7/8/11 2:25 PM by epwar

"We're gonna keep doing this until the guy we want to have the belt wins!" - Dana & co. Exactly like BJ/Frankie.  And we saw how that worked out for them. ;-)

CayleeAnthony'sMemoryLivesOn site profile image  

7/8/11 2:23 PM by CayleeAnthony'sMemoryLivesOn

You don't need to ask this question. Zuffa and The Dana love, and I mean like LOVE, rubber matches.

GardnerD site profile image  

7/8/11 2:19 PM by GardnerD

Bowles gets next shot