Miler: With Osama bin Laden dead, Michael Bisping is America's #1 enemy


"I'm going to beat his ass. It's not hard to pick on Michael. Everyone hates that guy. Since Osama bin Laden's been dead, he's enemy number one in America."


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Brock Groom DFW lost the game site profile image  

7/9/11 2:41 PM by Brock Groom DFW lost the game


Northside Strangler site profile image  

7/9/11 2:35 PM by Northside Strangler

Mayhem-America's #1 attention whore.

KingofEngland site profile image  

7/9/11 2:29 PM by KingofEngland

My surname is King, therefor I'm King of England. My friends call me Kingo, therefor I'm KingoKingo

Brock Groom DFW lost the game site profile image  

7/9/11 2:21 PM by Brock Groom DFW lost the game

You sign your posts kingo but your SN is kingofengland, so if the first part is read kingo is the rest read fengland? Are you telling us to fuck England? I hope not. I'm english. Please explain.

KingofEngland site profile image  

7/9/11 1:55 PM by KingofEngland

You sir, are retarded. Bisping will be champion this year and he is a legendary future hall of famer. Show some respect. Thank you.Kingo

bhealthy site profile image  

7/9/11 1:32 PM by bhealthy

avoiding books and injecting testosterone and growth hormones in addition to the steroids in thier food supply makes them think they know all about proper nutriion

NHBDaddy site profile image  

7/8/11 8:42 PM by NHBDaddy

bangers and mash will be spilled

Savron site profile image  

7/8/11 8:15 PM by Savron

Fuck Bisping , he is a cheating arsehole, and not that great a fighter, hence the cheating....WAR MAYHEM. choke that spitsping bad loosing cheat the fuck out


7/8/11 6:53 PM by K-Dub-"T"

VTFU. lol.