Walkout music sponsor for Team Cesar Gracie

source: mmapayout.com

MMA Weekly reports that Team Cesar Gracie has entered into a deal with Coalition Fight Music* (CFM) to provide walkout music for Nick Diaz in his fight against GSP at UFC 137.

The deal has CFM providing walkout music for any fighter under Team Cesar Gracie starting with Diaz as he challenges GSP for the welterweight title. The deal gives Team Cesar Gracie/Diaz a cut of the proceeds that the song might make.

Via MMA Weekly::

CFM’s song that will be used for Diaz’s walkout music will also be featured in the upcoming 505 Games release ‘Supremacy MMA’ for Xbox and PS3, as well as the upcoming Jackie Chan feature ‘Life is War’.

Countless numbers of bands have shown support for MMA over the years, and fighters in the past like Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson have even had tracks made specifically for them, but this will be a new generation of sponsorship for the sport.

Payout Perspective:

This is an interesting way for a sponsor to become involved in the main event. Its unique and it involves some risk. What happens if the PA system does not work? What if Joe Rogan talks over the track, which would negate millions from listening? What if Diaz walks out too fast and thereby shortening the exposure for the music?

It's a solid deal for Diaz as he will receive a portion of the sales generated from its sales as a result of walking out to the music. I do not recall if Diaz has a steady theme song (e.g., Sandstorm for Wanderlei Silva). So, there is no emotional tie that Diaz must break in taking the deal.

It's a very creative form of sponsorship. The Diaz-GSP fight should be a big draw and for CFM to involve its music for the fight gets people in the arena and viewers at home a chance to hear its music.

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*The Coalition is a company that composes and produces a broad variety of music with heavy involvement in the Mixed Martial Arts community and with several charitable organizations. CFM's sound is a dynamic mixture of styles that range from metal to electronica and hip hop to UK grime. United by a passion/drive for both MMA and music, every track the band develops encompasses the "fighters spirit" in the form of music. (from wikipedia)

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kanodogg2 site profile image  

7/11/11 5:18 PM by kanodogg2

I tend to avoid admitting I'm wrong. And no, this is not an admittance of being wrong.

Eatin Applesauce site profile image  

7/11/11 12:34 PM by Eatin Applesauce


Br0ckFnSams0n site profile image  

7/11/11 10:38 AM by Br0ckFnSams0n

 I know, right?!  When he came out to Feticiera, from my favorite album ever, I freaked out!!!  This is lame...

lifeaftrprison site profile image  

7/10/11 11:32 AM by lifeaftrprison

Let's see here, this band is prominent in a rival MMA game and Zuffa must approve of all walkout music. That doesn't seem like a winner to me.

savage animal site profile image  

7/10/11 11:21 AM by savage animal

wasn't that Hazlett?

Eatin Applesauce site profile image  

7/10/11 10:45 AM by Eatin Applesauce

I train with a former ufc fighter who Dana personally called to tell him he would throw shut at him if he were in the stands and he came out to a certain bluegrass song

smac3dot0 site profile image  

7/10/11 9:09 AM by smac3dot0

Those "copy-write" issues are always annoying!

Mattefrost site profile image  

7/10/11 6:22 AM by Mattefrost

Am I the only one to notice a new MMA game on Ps3/Xbox?

Scream13 site profile image  

7/10/11 1:34 AM by Scream13

we are saying the same thing-and im ascap member too. And when you get money from having one of your songs played in a live venue...they take it out of said money. thats how ascap pays for itself. The venue has no right to play "your brothers cd"-and a venue would never do so, because said musicians/ascap can sue. no venue would do that... I said the venue has rights to the music, that was the only part i was wrong, the venue has RIGHTS to PLAY music.

The Sultan site profile image  

7/10/11 1:03 AM by The Sultan