Multiple reports: Machida vs. Evans won't happen

by Guilherme Cruz | source:

Today, Eduardo Cruz of Fighter's Only Magazine spoke directly with Lyoto Machida's wife:

So Lyoto won't definitely take the fight versus Rashad Evans at UFC 133?

Fabiola Machida: No, he won't accept the fight at all. There are only three weeks for the preparation, Eduardo, and it just isn’t possible in the career of an athlete... three weeks of preparation.

He has only been maintaining his conditioning and that doesn't prepare you for a fight at all. So, he didn't accept for a professional matter - to accept would be to kick (damage) his professionalism.”

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Also, Tatame reached out to his manager, Eduardo Soares who had the following to say:

“It won’t happen… I think he doesn’t have enough time to get ready,” Soares told TATAME. “I’m at Rio de Janeiro with Jose Aldo, Anderson (Silva) and (Rodrigo) Minotauro, do Joinha (Jorge Guimarães) is dealing with this negotiations, but, from what I know, it won’t happen”.

TATAME called Guiamarães and Lyoto, but could reach them at the moment. Stay tuned for more news.   

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Recent Comments »

Porkchop site profile image  

7/14/11 9:40 PM by Porkchop

Machida shouldn't be held to his original commitment. When he accepted the fight, he was all sauced up on early morning pee. That shit will send you for a loop.

JT Amish site profile image  

7/14/11 6:31 AM by JT Amish

You guys see why JDS dumped Soares? What a clown... Now Machida is in Dana's doghouse because Soares decided to ask for crazy money. Throw in the fact that Mrs Machida seems to be the decision maker of the Machida household and you know Dana is not impressed. Machida would have had a title shot in early 2011 and a huge pay increase as champ. Nice one, Ed Soares.

The Sultan site profile image  

7/13/11 11:04 PM by The Sultan

 they didn't want to pay machida the money to fight.  Otherwise, he'd have done it.

GeoDim site profile image  

7/13/11 9:14 PM by GeoDim

Called that one.

Focker101 site profile image  

7/13/11 7:26 PM by Focker101

 Other then time to train/make weight from the excessive partying it up. What are Futa's other reasons for not taking this fight ? I only know of these reasons. Personally I think this is a big opportunity missed for Tito, Rashad is the #1 contender and coming off a long layoff, and Tito's confidence should be flying high. If that not striking while the iron is hot, I am not sure what is ? No disrespect to Tito intended, I am a long time fan, he is minimum 2 to 3 wins from a title shot and that's being generous. 2 to 3 wins in the LHW div is a tall order, when one win could leap frog to a title shot or atleast a contender fight.

The Loge site profile image  

7/13/11 7:00 PM by The Loge

I like it!

MikaXIII site profile image  

7/13/11 6:55 PM by MikaXIII

Mousasi vs Rashad Evans!!!!!!!!!!! if Mousasi has a quick fight at DREAM this weekend

GeoDim site profile image  

7/13/11 6:28 PM by GeoDim

Everyone has their price. This is probably just their way of getting Zuffa to up the ante.

pidgey site profile image  

7/13/11 6:27 PM by pidgey

bring in king mo

Freeman Dyson site profile image  

7/13/11 6:24 PM by Freeman Dyson

no rich franklin please. rashad will just lay and pray him.