Royler won't grapple Bravo at ADCC, wants MMA bout instead

by Erik Engelhart | source:

“I have no problems with ADCC, but the fact is that we didn’t get to an agreement on our negotiation and unfortunately the organizers of the event haven’t got in touch with me again. I can’t keep waiting, I have other plans for myself. I’m assuming this bout won’t happen”, Royler told TATAME, saying he might fight MMA this year.

“I’m dealing with this MMA event, which might happen in Brazil. I haven’t sign anything yet, but the negotiations are going well and it’s likely it happens. The organizer of the event even called Eddie Bravo to fight me, but he declined it, he didn’t want to fight me… And I said I was only punch him with my hands opened, man (laughs)”.

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HuntingtonPUNK site profile image  

7/15/11 6:53 PM by HuntingtonPUNK

EDDIE SAID he'd fight Royler before Royler even put it out there, his words. Why doesnt he want to now?

Elias Cepeda site profile image  

7/15/11 4:54 PM by Elias Cepeda

 THAT's the competition I want to see

CayleeAnthony'sMemoryLivesOn site profile image  

7/15/11 2:40 PM by CayleeAnthony'sMemoryLivesOn

I'd watch this. Eddie trains with TKD universal champion Joe Fuckin Rogan. Eddie could be the first person to submit as well as KO a Gracie.

levragentiming site profile image  

7/15/11 2:24 PM by levragentiming

Isnt Eddies main objective to preserve jiu jitsu in mma and how it looks in mma? Why not fight then. A punch or 2 really in the guard will just open things up. In the end it would still be a grappling match between the 2, but prob more $$!

FenceGrab site profile image  

7/15/11 1:20 PM by FenceGrab

Hey....Superfight at the UFC Fan EXPO?

Templeton Peck site profile image  

7/15/11 3:28 AM by Templeton Peck

Real spit cuzExplain to me How Eddie Bravo can drag a guys name threw the mud because he refuses to do a grappling match, but when he is challenged to MMA the other guys a douche bag?.Eddie Bravo is like the guy you play Fight Night with on PS3. He thinks because he good at a GAME, that he is a fighter and can do that shit in real life. As far as going to Brasil, where else can you do it? His pot smoking ass cant pass a urinalysis to get sanctioned in the U.S..

potsie site profile image  

7/15/11 1:20 AM by potsie

good for Royler. Guys like Eddie are earning there living because of the blood that the gracie family left in the ring. it was ring effectiveness that made bjj popular, not sport grappling. all jiu-jitsu was originally intended for self defence. Lets see if Bravo can use his stuff under conditions closer to what it was meant for in the first place

mr nemo site profile image  

7/15/11 1:03 AM by mr nemo

I have little interest in seeing them fight in an mma match, this is about grappling skills and a grappling rematch everyone has wanted to take place since the first match. It should have been at ADCC, really sucks it didn't work out. Shit, Royler wanted 50K for the ADCC, too bad Dana couldn't set it up as a jiu-jutsu super-fight on Strikeforce or a UFC card and pay them each 100K to fight, 100K more to win...though match-length might be a problem.

TheStalker site profile image  

7/14/11 11:56 PM by TheStalker

This all started from ADCC. It seems Royler doesn't have enough confidence to compete strictly jujitsu so he calls out Eddie to an mma match? Seems like he's just scared imo.