Okami: I felt I lost the first Silva fight

source: tatame.com

July’s edition of TATAME Magazine features a series of articles with the biggest stars of UFC Rio, inlcuding Yushin Okami, who talks about the bout against Anderson in 2006, in Rumble on the Rock, which he won by disqualification after being hit by an illegal upkick.
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“I won by DQ, but I felt I lost that fight,” Okami said, responding to Anderson Silva's charge that he faked he was hurt to stop the fight. “There was a damage. There is no point to talk about past things so I don't really care of what people say about last fight.

"However, that experience made me stronger and as a result I was able to fight in UFC afterwards so I really thank and respect Silva. The word that he says to that I was dressed in damage last is past. I am not dressed. This time I will fight with respect and it will be a chance to show who's the best”.

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Masakatsu Funaki site profile image  

7/15/11 10:47 AM by Masakatsu Funaki

Okami's wrestling has improved tremendously and it was already good to begin with. Chael gave him an excellent blueprint to beat Silva. Okami doesn't have the same susceptibility to beige submitted either. He has a good shot, that's for sure.

The Sultan site profile image  

7/15/11 10:05 AM by The Sultan

 I think Silva wins the rematch.

thefightingsheep site profile image  

7/15/11 7:59 AM by thefightingsheep

 It would have been an odd time to fake an injury.  He was finally scoring some points before that.

cross3dout site profile image  

7/15/11 3:45 AM by cross3dout

No way! Okami thinks he lost?

Wasa-B site profile image  

7/15/11 3:42 AM by Wasa-B

Okami can stay out of subs but he doesnt have the most dynamic offense on the ground. He is a good passer, ok GNPer, good sub guy but not great. Anderson's guard will be good enough to stay in the fight and keep him in long enough to take Okami out on the feet. Okami's tds are good enough to take anyone down at MW but he does take shots and isnt as dynamic at closing the distance as someone like Chael.

Chiron site profile image  

7/15/11 3:28 AM by Chiron

Probably cuz he was losing and got knocked out before he learned he won by DQ. It's retarded that upkicks are not allowed to opponents on their knees. The rules take all the balls out of a fighter fighting off his back.

Magnum TA site profile image  

7/14/11 8:40 PM by Magnum TA

If Okami can get the fight to the ground consistently and keep it there he will win. Okami is not going to get submitted like Sonnen. The challenge is getting the fight there.

WillD site profile image  

7/14/11 7:44 PM by WillD

No one was getting owned in that fight. That illegal kick was basically the first action of the fight.

TheDecider site profile image  

7/14/11 6:53 PM by TheDecider

It seems like people don't bother to watch the fights. Okami was launching takedown attempts from WAY outside out of fear of the KD.