Bellator: Marquardt not the right fit; manager: Yes he is

by Dann Stupp | source:

While Bellator chairman and CEO Bjorn Rebney and matchmaker Sam Caplan traditionally shy away from signing UFC and Strikeforce castoffs (and focus on international recruiting), he knows Nate Marquardt is in a unique situation. After being released from the UFC following issues with his testosterone-replacement therapy this past month, Marquardt began talking to a few of the sport's big players for his next career move.

"The reality is that it's not often that a top-10 guy is available ... especially when he's coming off a win," Rebney said. "Nate's situation was pretty unique. It's an anomaly for a guy like that to become available, so we had discussions. But it just became pretty clear it wasn't the right fit."

Rebney said he was open to the idea of "superfights" between Marquardt and Askren and/or Lombard. However, for Marquardt to get a shot at the belt, he would have had to win an eight-man tournament like everyone else.

Rebney said they discussed that possibility, but that ultimately, "the fit between [Bellator and Marquardt] just wasn't there."

Rebney hasn't counted out the possibility of opening the talks again in the future.

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Marquardt manager however, says Marquardt is the right fit for any organization:

“I do want to respect the process of the negotiations and not get into the details, but ultimately what I think it boils down to is Nate’s one of the best fighters in the world, if you want him to be part of the organization for the long term, then he needs to be compensated for that. I think Bjorn and his team made an excellent effort, but we’re not there,” said Lex McMahon from Alchemist Management.

“We have a tremendous amount of respect for Bellator and Bjorn Rebney, but let’s be honest, Nate Marquardt’s the right fit for any organization he’s in,” McMahon stated.

Nate Marquardt’s ready to fight, we’re looking for the right partner and anyone that’s talking about super fight opportunities, let’s sit down and have a discussion. To come out and say that Nate Marquardt’s not the right fit, just makes no sense to me.” 

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The Middleeasy Rumor Mill noted a possible reason for the failure to come to agreement:

Regarding Bellator's failed acquisition of Nate Marquardt: It appears that both parties agreed on money, but the true issue was the length of the Bellator contract. Bellator wanted a three-year deal and Nate refused with the hopes that Dana White will ultimately change his mind and let him fight in the UFC once again.

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Carne de cavalo é o melhor site profile image  

7/16/11 11:15 PM by Carne de cavalo é o melhor

Nate will NOT go to ProElite.The Penn clan has too much clout in that org, and the beef between Nate and BJ is enough to "ban" Nate from that org as well.M-1 looks to be the best option.

fightharder site profile image  

7/16/11 1:26 PM by fightharder

 I just think he is not the right fit because a) Nate does not want to fight in a eight man tournement again. b) He is to expensive c) He would reveal the ''weakness'' in some divisions in Bellator. With all due respect for Lombard,Nate would smash him. Askren might have a chance but i do not know if it would matter that much to Nate seeing that he would dominate the middleweight division for a long time.

reddsharkk site profile image  

7/15/11 5:51 PM by reddsharkk

I had no idea Nate posted on here.

bhealthy site profile image  

7/15/11 5:18 PM by bhealthy

and SF ww and MW belts

bhealthy site profile image  

7/15/11 5:17 PM by bhealthy

and mw belt if anderson retires

bhealthy site profile image  

7/15/11 4:48 PM by bhealthy

he will BE BACK 1. for his apology from Fudd, AND 2. for his UFC-brand ww belt!

BJJkilla site profile image  

7/15/11 4:06 PM by BJJkilla

unlike hector, nate has actually fought and beaten top 10 MW's in his career; not feeding his record by fighting bums and nobodies in promotions no one cares about. nate would show how overrated hector is.

goeb site profile image  

7/15/11 3:17 PM by goeb

Yes, it's obviously about money....but if nate wants money, just go through the tournament and win your 150 grand, is that not enough money for him? I'm sure it's about the same if not more than he'd make in the UFC over the course of a year.Nate doesn't have that many options, outside the UFc only hardcores know him, bellator will have to build him up anyways. Not to mention the bad rep he has with PEDs. I think nate has to suck it up. Fight in the MW tourney, and if he wins, he scores a big pay day and another big one with Lombard.Also I know nate just wants to use Bellator as a stepping stone to get back in the UFC, and this is a mistake if it's his strategy. It'll take a couple of years for Dana to get over this incident and forget about it anyways.

NYmmanow265 site profile image  

7/15/11 2:18 PM by NYmmanow265

A fight with pro-elite vs Cote/Filho/Khalidov/ has the better fights for him outside the ufc....

Uchi site profile image  

7/15/11 12:21 PM by Uchi

I like this as well. I don't think either are close to in marquardt's league.