Kimbo Slice to make pro boxing debut vs. 0-1 prizefighter


An opponent has been chosen for Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson's professional boxing debut on August 13 at the Buffalo Run Casino in Miami, Oklahoma, and he is Springfield, Missouri's James Wade (0-1).

The two will meet in the four-round heavyweight main event of a Gary Shaw Productions and Tony Holden Promotions night of boxing.

Wade lost his debut in January of this year, but will be looking to make history in his second fight.

"Just like in MMA, Kimbo Slice is walking around with bull's-eye on his back. His opponents know they can make themselves known to the world if they can take him out," said Jared Shaw, Team Kimbo Promotional Advisor. "To Kimbo it's a pro boxing debut. To James Wade, this is a world championship fight."

According to Shaw, Slice's goal in his first fight will be to prove with his performance that he always belonged in a boxing ring.

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AnthonySullivan site profile image  

7/19/11 5:25 PM by AnthonySullivan

 Why the fuck are these fags talking about this guy having a brown belt?  Do they not know that in boxing that doesn't matter at all?  It's not like this bout is going to hit the mat. I'm sure this character is being paid to take a dive against Kimbo.  No way are they going to put money into Kimbo again without having a safety net.  They're working on getting Kimbo on television to pop the boxing rankings.

The Marvelous One site profile image  

7/18/11 3:27 PM by The Marvelous One

"jap" is a racist term which violates the TOS! Watch it Mophead, that Come At Me Bro mod is a real dick...and besides, we don't take kindly to social ignorance over here on the OKUG

Stunpals site profile image  

7/18/11 2:43 PM by Stunpals

I would pay to see that shit!

The Marvelous One site profile image  

7/16/11 5:17 PM by The Marvelous One


pillbottle site profile image  

7/16/11 2:59 PM by pillbottle


Mophead site profile image  

7/16/11 2:45 PM by Mophead

I train with James Wade. He's a lot smaller than kimbo, but he has very powerful punches. If he lands a shot it could be goodnight for Kimbo, who dosen't have too good of a chin....he got knocked out by a jap while the Petrazelli's feet wern't even planted. I hope James wins. He is a jiu jitsu brown belt and talented on the ground, but he has some good striking as well.

Mepaqehe site profile image  

7/16/11 1:08 PM by Mepaqehe

 Also, the "relevance" here is that this is the OKUG and we post whatever the fuck we want and then make fun of newfags that don't get it.

fightharder site profile image  

7/16/11 12:52 PM by fightharder

 Wish Kimbo all the best but really do not understand how people are still interested in him. Look,i can understand the interest in a dude like Masvidal but Kimbo little more then a glorified WWF character (in terms of professional fighting). But i guess in a country where people still watch that crap there is room for someone like Kimbo. The sad thing is,their going to feed him even more subpar opponents then in EliteXC. Anyways if Kimbo is just doing it for a laugh and some cash,more power to him.But please where is the relevance in posting this here.

DaKaTAk site profile image  

7/16/11 12:07 AM by DaKaTAk

 The guy Kimbo is boxing is a Royler Gracie brown belt.  Kinda surprising selection for him.  When I first heard this I thought it was a MMA fight.  I'll be there... should be interesting