Little Nog: Chael Sonnen discriminates against Brazilians


“It sure would be a great fight [between Chael Sonnen and I].

"He’s a guy everybody wants to beat. He’s not a good example for the sport. He talks too much and says a lot of nonsense.

"He has a problem with Brazilians; he discriminates against us. He could find a way to promote a fight without speaking ill of anyone. I think it’s a tactic he tries to use to destabilize Anderson or whoever he faces, but he has to know that’s not the way things work.

"In martial arts, we learn to respect each other. I’ll never speak ill of another fighter. Sonnen disrespects others and has no principles or character. He’s a guy that every professional fighter, at least on my team, wants to face.”

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bad_astronaut site profile image  

7/18/11 1:08 PM by bad_astronaut

They have PC's in Brazil?no shit? I did not know that.

Steve_73 site profile image  

7/18/11 6:27 AM by Steve_73

I think Chael is becoming my favorite figher. He might be a cheating roid raging disrespectful loud mouth American but he's pretty funny as well.

MarcVanBas site profile image  

7/18/11 6:19 AM by MarcVanBas

Yawn. pls troll better.

Scream13 site profile image  

7/18/11 12:55 AM by Scream13

destroyed him? Fihlo walked around talking to himself with his hands at his waste the whole time, and Sonnen couldn't finish him. Every time Fael opens up his dumb mouth, im happy paulo missed weight. and Nog may have fed a bus a carrot, but the bus taught him how to defend a triangle choke.

willyb87 site profile image  

7/17/11 11:55 PM by willyb87

 paulo fihlo was ranked top 5 in the world at 85 when chael destroyed him in the wec so i would think that counted as a good  brazilian

Jaesinn site profile image  

7/17/11 10:00 AM by Jaesinn

Say what you will about Chael, but He's still the fighter I'd most like to have a beer with! And if LIL Nog is sitting there taking everything Sonnen says seriously, he has a lot to learn about American Culture!

DamnSevern site profile image  

7/17/11 2:51 AM by DamnSevern


Alger Hiss site profile image  

7/17/11 2:38 AM by Alger Hiss

Wat-her, she is wet.

Alger Hiss site profile image  

7/17/11 2:34 AM by Alger Hiss

Little nog to mma press: The sky, she is blue."

KevinMcAllister site profile image  

7/17/11 1:02 AM by KevinMcAllister

somebody edit the cal video with chaels face over the guy going "oh u mad cuz im stylin on u!" plz