Rashad: Rampage is living off Pride fumes

by Damon Martin | source: mmaweekly.com

UFC president Dana White said on Thursday that if Rashad Evans is victorious against Tito Ortiz at UFC 133, Evans is guaranteed the winner of the upcoming fight at UFC 135 between light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and Rampage Jackson. Thus Evans has a whole new vested interest in Jones vs. Rampage.

“I think it’s going to be Jon Jones,” Evans told MMAWeekly Radio when asked to predict a winner. “I would like to see Rampage catch him with something, but I honestly believe Rampage is not doing what he needs to do, and he’s not going to do what he needs to do to win the title.”

“He’s just been living off of fumes of his Pride days, and he really needs to go and take things seriously. If he took things seriously, I think he might be able to do something, but he ain’t trying to take nothing serious.”

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Danawhiteshair site profile image  

7/18/11 11:27 PM by Danawhiteshair

Yea I think he is trying to light a fire under his ass

augustburnsred site profile image  

7/18/11 11:19 PM by augustburnsred

That's what it sounds like to me too. He wants Rampage to win, he just doesn't want to really get his hopes up.

Danawhiteshair site profile image  

7/18/11 11:12 PM by Danawhiteshair

Sounds like he is trying to push rampage to me, I think he wants him to win but can't say it

Barry_BondsMVP site profile image  

7/18/11 10:08 PM by Barry_BondsMVP

says the man who lost to the man Page beat.

GoodFightGoodNight site profile image  

7/18/11 9:55 PM by GoodFightGoodNight

Shad fan checking in!

nomad1974 site profile image  

7/18/11 9:25 PM by nomad1974

Thing with Rampage is, EVERYBODY respects his standup. That being said we get fights like Rashad & Machida dancing for the majority of the fight.Guys like Chuck & Wand are a dying breed at 205. Maybe Shogun will stay in the pocket but anybody else is gonna be on their bike, including JBJ

Domingo site profile image  

7/18/11 10:15 AM by Domingo

Rampage really is a shadow of his former self, BUT luckily he still has enough skill to beat the majority of fighters at 205. Still, if Rampage moved like he did back in the mid 2000's he'd actually be a pretty tough fight for Jones. These days I think he'd end up like Bader.

disbeliever site profile image  

7/18/11 10:06 AM by disbeliever

The rampage you speak of is one dimensional now, not the wrestler/boxer/bad ass who was in prideimo

fna site profile image  

7/18/11 10:00 AM by fna

Rampage has had a great record since coming to the UFC, but he's appeared to be slowing down since the move too....only 3 finishes in 9 fights, 2 against the chinny Chuck and Wand and the other over Eastman. Did you ever think in a million years TUFers like Hammil and Jardine could go the distance with somebody as devestating as Rampage used to be?

720 site profile image  

7/18/11 6:36 AM by 720

ummm no wayRampage in Pride was slamming, punching, kicking, wrestling with bad intentions. Prior to coming to UFC, Rampage found Jesus and now he never really kicks nor slam. He now only boxes and became one dimensional.