Rothwell: It's not a comeback. It's an unveiling

by Maggie Hendricks | source:

Ben Rothwell went on an unprecedented 17-month run in the IFL, winning nine of nine fights, including Roy Nelson, Ricco Rodriguez, Krzysztof Soszynski, twice. Then he signed with the UFC, and his first fight was Cain Velasquez, which went like every other fight Cain has had.Rothwell bounced back vs. Gilbert Yvel, suffered  a torn ACL, and has been out for over a year.

But Big Ben Rothwell is back, preparing to fight Mark Hunt at UFC 135 on Sept. 24.

"I've really worked hard on myself. It's not a comeback. It's an unveiling," Rothwell told Cagewriter. "I have been off for more than a year, and instead of using it as a layoff I've used it as a huge building block. I posted a few pictures, and people said, 'Whoa, this guy ain't the same.' When I came back to Duke, he said, 'People who are off because of an injury usually gain 20 lbs. You look like you've lost 20 lbs.'

"I've been fighting for so long, and I've had layoffs, I've been out. I think I'm one of the few guys who can come back from such a long layoff and not look like I've missed a beat. I'm really banking on that fact. As far as Americans go, I'm one of the most experienced guys in the sport. I've been fighting the longest. I'm 31-7, and I've gone through a lot, inside and outside the Octagon."

"(Fighting Yvel with an injured knee) was a big challenge for me because I knew my knee was hurt, right at the beginning of the fight. I was in a must-win situation. I'm known for having exciting fights, and it wasn't one of my more exciting fights. Unfortunately for the crowd, they didn't like it, but for me, it was a tremendous mental victory because I knew what I was up against. I was on the brink of defeat, and I fought through and I won. I went through a three-round bout on one leg and won."

"A lot of these guys, especially champions, I see how they act, and it enrages me. It's not right. It's not fair. I fight for the fans because without them, I wouldn't be able to do this. A lot of guys talk the talk, but people know when they meet me, I smile in my pictures. I love giving autographs because I am very thankful for everyone that's made the sport possible. That motivating factor has made me who I am now, and it's time to go out and take what's mine."

"When I was 17, 18 years old, I was on a path of destruction. I had no guidance. I had a gorilla on my shoulder. It wasn't even a chip. I was very lost. The sport has completely changed me. It's made me a far more humble person. It showed me the truth about a lot of people, and it showed me the truth about myself. The sport has given me a reason to be a good person. I have a lot that I fight to protect, and this sport gave me all that. I am forever indebted to it."

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2/28/14 12:05 PM by spliff


Steps site profile image  

7/19/11 6:05 AM by Steps

BEAST. War Rothwell (unless he fails his test!)

Steps site profile image  

7/19/11 6:05 AM by Steps

BEAST. War Rothwell (unless he fails his test!)

CompanyBlue site profile image  

7/19/11 5:18 AM by CompanyBlue

Good for Ben to get in better looking shape. As far as the PED speculations, it's to be expected. More than half of the pro's I've come across have used befoe, some of them big names, some of them nobodies. I'm sure anybody here who is around pro's or up and comers know the deal. The sport of MMA is FILTHY when it comes to PED's. Even the BJJ scene is very dirty with PED's. Add to that, only a small percentage of fighters even get tested when they fight in the biggest shows in the world like the UFC? It's only natural for people to throw accusations out there when a body changes like this.

Bob Saget site profile image  

7/19/11 1:56 AM by Bob Saget

Why cant anyone give him credot for hard work?If youre referring to the doctor as him hooking Ben up with roids, I call bananas, it looks like he trimmed up and got in shape, he was just a big muscular guy with fat layering him anyways. O well haha

Str4nger D4nger site profile image  

7/19/11 1:52 AM by Str4nger D4nger

I saw Frankie Edgar eating a deep fried pumpkin stuffed with buttered scallops all in a punch bowl once... true story.

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7/19/11 1:42 AM by BurstingwithPride

I hope that picture was taken after a hard upper body weight routine. If not than somebodies been to the Doctor.

Rookie Fighter site profile image  

7/18/11 2:36 PM by Rookie Fighter

After that lost he changed but before that he was everyone's favorite heavy weight. I was cheering for both guys in that fight

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

7/18/11 1:39 PM by RyannVonDoom

And people talk shit on aa because fedor beat him.

Rookie Fighter site profile image  

7/18/11 1:25 PM by Rookie Fighter

Just watches him vs Arlovski man I miss when Andrei was the man