Rampage questions Jon Jones' win over Shogun

source: 5thround.com

Rampage: I just have to say, straight up, I respect you. I do think you the future of MMA. Straight up, keeping it real. But you fought Shogun when he was rusty as hell, dog. He was off of injury, he hadn’t fought in over a year, two knee surgeries…

Jones: There will always be excuses. I’m sure after I beat you, it’ll be, ‘Oh, you didn’t fight the Pride Rampage, you fought the movie star Rampage.’ So, there will always be excuses.

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disbeliever site profile image  

7/20/11 9:43 AM by disbeliever

Jones uses clinch trips/throws a lot as well, which rampage will fall for imo

Wasa-B site profile image  

7/19/11 7:16 PM by Wasa-B

How is Rampage a badmatchup for Jones?The only thing i can see bad for Jones is if he trades in the pocket. With his skills and tools, he doesnt need to do that, nor has he had to thus far.

HokutoShinken site profile image  

7/19/11 7:02 PM by HokutoShinken

Page knows he's a bad match up for Bones and you'll all be shocked with how easily he dominates the fight.

HokutoShinken site profile image  

7/19/11 7:02 PM by HokutoShinken


TheShogunEra site profile image  

7/19/11 6:40 PM by TheShogunEra

Everyone and there Granny knew Shogun wasnt 100% coming into that fight. Rampage takes this fight with ease.

Freeman Dyson site profile image  

7/19/11 6:39 PM by Freeman Dyson

Yes, it will be easy. Rampage is stiff and slow. Jones has so much better biomechanics it's not even funny.

Freeman Dyson site profile image  

7/19/11 6:37 PM by Freeman Dyson

Yup, when Jones grabs Rampage he is going to make him feel weak.

Freeman Dyson site profile image  

7/19/11 6:35 PM by Freeman Dyson

Rampage has made an excuse for every loss and and said he came in injured when Shogun beat his ass.

hellride site profile image  

7/19/11 6:32 PM by hellride

Machida and Hendo took him down from a scramble/trip situation, Jones low singled bader from about 8 feet out, and flat had his way with shogun. Come on K-Dub, Jackson can stuff a shot as good as anyone at 205. Not saying Jones won't get him down.. but it won't be easy.


7/19/11 6:24 PM by K-Dub-"T"

 lol @ Rampage is hard to takedown. Yeah if you use the Randleman & Hammil "shoot from 10 feet away" strategy. Two words: Henderson Machida How doesJones usually take people down? You best believe clinton will be playing joo jitsoo on his back whether he likes it or not.