Rampage: Team Greg Jackson is ruining MMA

source: mmamania.com

"I guarantee you Jon Jones don't fight me like a man. Just like his boy, his old teammate Rashad.

"He come from a team, the (Greg) Jackson team, the most boring team out there right now. I have to say that right now. Jackson, man, y'all are some boring fighters, dog. Y'all ruining MMA for me, straight up. All these gameplans and all this stuff.

"GSP was the man before he started training over there with Jackson. I still like GSP but I wish he would go and do his own thing cause GSP is one of the best fighters out there, straight up.

"And y'all ruining MMA."

"I know your weakness, though. That thing that got that hair on it right there, that chin. That's your weakness, homie. Ain't nobody ever hit you.

"And guess what? I'm going to tell you, I ain't scared of you. I ain't scared of none of the stuff you got.

"I done fought people your height, your Muay Thai, your wrestling; I done fought people with better wrestling, I fought Olympic caliber wrestlers. You good, homie, but you ain't the best. I'm the best and I'm going to show you.

"Bow down. Polish that belt. ... You real cocky and you're going to get put in your place."

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WallySparks204 site profile image  

7/24/11 1:47 AM by WallySparks204

Jones is overated and Page should knock him silly.Beating never was hype jobs like Vera and Bonnar dont mean much.Beating gatekeepers like Vladdy and Hamill dont mean a whole lot either.I thought the Bader win was something special till Tito destoryed Bader in less time than Jones.Then the Shogun fight was a joke. Any LHW could have beat shogun taht night.Historically Shogun has looked shit after long layoffs and surgery. (remember forrest fight and coleman fight)Jones has done good against the competition he has faced but now he is stuck facing the best of the best. Guys like Page Machida Rashad Thiago Silva the real killers of the LHW division.Jones aint ready for em.

OctopusFighter site profile image  

7/24/11 1:41 AM by OctopusFighter

Please rank the following fights in order of excitingness - Rampage/JardineRampage/RashadRampage/HamillJones/BonnarJones/O'BrienJones/HamillJones/VeraJones/VladdyJones/BaderJones/ShogunRashad/MachidaRAshad/ThiagoCondit/KampmannCondit/EllenbergerCondit/MacdonaldCondit/HardyCondit/KimGSP/BJGSP/ThiagoGSP/HardyGSP/KosGSP/ShieldsDiego/ThiagoDiego/KampmannGuida/FlorianGuida/GugertyGuida/Dos AnjosGuida/GomiGuida/PettisThen tell me who's the "problem" in mma - Team Jackson, or Quinton Jackson

MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ site profile image  

7/23/11 11:10 PM by MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ


CalfCruncher site profile image  

7/22/11 11:36 AM by CalfCruncher

I gotta go with Rampage. Met the man in 05 in Albq NM at a KOTC, he was cornering Big Perm. Nobody even knew who he was. This was right before he signed with the WFA. I yelled and he came and sat down and spoke with me the whole time after the Big Perm Fight. He was impressed I knew who he was and we talked about his past fights and how he was always being set up to lose with the PRIDE organization. He even bought me Nachos during the intermission. Ever since that time I have been a Rampage fan. I like Bones game and he has a bright future, he is a true student of the game. Plus the guy has character. Running down a mugger before his title fight. Or seeing a crying woman with her child who was thrown out on the streets that had a Ariline ticket for the next day. What does Jones do, he pays for a room for her and her child for the night so they have a place to stay until they can catch their flight.I am for Rampage, Jones is the future, but I would like to see my friend get the strap one last time before he heads off to Hollywood for good to make the cheddar.

Freeman Dyson site profile image  

7/22/11 11:31 AM by Freeman Dyson

What great fighters does he make safe and boring that werent already safe and boring? Machida? Rashad? Hamill? Ya, those guys, wernen't safe and boring before.. Rampage is as safe and boring as anybody.

Freeman Dyson site profile image  

7/22/11 11:30 AM by Freeman Dyson

why doesnt rampage fight like a man and keep his hands down and chin up the whole fight?

TampabayMMA site profile image  

7/22/11 10:54 AM by TampabayMMA

So much dumb in your frat post, I stopped reading after this gem.

s13 site profile image  

7/22/11 10:31 AM by s13

I agree with a majority of the fighters being boring down there, but how could we forget about the most exciting fighter in their hole stable...Melvin Guillard. :)

wink91wink site profile image  

7/22/11 3:58 AM by wink91wink

I hope Rampage KO's Bones, and then when Dana White gives Page the belt, Rampage goes over to his corner and gives Bones a replica one

Thecalmone site profile image  

7/21/11 10:47 PM by Thecalmone

You can't argue you success of strategy and game planning and Jackson is one of the best . He makes great fighters safe and boring.