Jones 'outraged' at presser staredown


Rampage_faceoff.gif" />

"This guy, his staredowns, I ain't never seen no staredown like that before in my life. He's staring at your feet. That's not no staredown. So I turned my back, you know what I'm saying?"

Jon Jones:
"Rampage did turn his back on me at the press conference. Kind of pissed me off. So I might do a little extra in the fight because of that. I'm outraged. I'm outraged and you guys will see that."

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7/21/11 7:28 PM by K-Dub-"T"

Uh Oh. THis will not bode well for the ill-informed hate crew....  

doomrider7 site profile image  

7/21/11 7:10 PM by doomrider7

I just listened to radio interview and this, is without a doubt the single most BLATANT case of taking a quote out of context to score more views I have ever seen. He's smiling as he says the whole outrage thing and everyone's laughing. In their rush to hate Jones no one even bothered to listen to the first three minutes of the interview. That is just pathetically sad and it shows WHY CagePotato's Jones Stops Robber spoof was so successful.

Dark Ryase site profile image  

7/21/11 5:51 PM by Dark Ryase

The hate for Bones is strong. Even his non-staredown staredown has come under fire!

Reven site profile image  

7/21/11 5:47 PM by Reven

Iirc I read some article that staredowns make you more tense/stiff and it actually benefits you if you don't participate in the staredown moments before the fight begins.

ZombieAutoPilot site profile image  

7/21/11 5:27 PM by ZombieAutoPilot

Rampage was having a good time and jones was just taking everything so personal. No sense of humor. I hope rampage smashes this kid

pocotouro site profile image  

7/21/11 1:59 PM by pocotouro

played the shit outta jones pretentious ass! lmmfao!

krept site profile image  

7/21/11 1:48 PM by krept

It's like the last 14 seconds of the vid. Rampage's expressions before he turned around make it look like it wasn't really rehearsed, but more like he's reacting to the moment and muttering

PrettyBoy site profile image  

7/21/11 12:26 PM by PrettyBoy


Pizzeria Nova Uno site profile image  

7/21/11 10:28 AM by Pizzeria Nova Uno

Jones = Tool

????? site profile image  

7/21/11 10:16 AM by ?????