GSP: Fitch was my hardest opponent; he's unkillable


The toughest opponent I’ve ever faced was Jon Fitch. That guy is unkillable.

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Yelm site profile image  

7/21/11 2:59 PM by Yelm

 I am a huge fan of Fitch.  I do not think of him a broing lnp guy at all.  He is constantly passing and working his gnp.  I would love to see him get another shot at the title, nobody deserves it more than him.

NTP site profile image  

7/21/11 12:19 PM by NTP

This. Well put.   

wiggum site profile image  

7/21/11 12:01 PM by wiggum

This is one of the silliest non troll posts I have seen in a long time. To act like BJ beating Fitch is a sure thing is a clear indication that you never saw the Fitch BJ fight.

caliphornia site profile image  

7/21/11 10:10 AM by caliphornia

That is a good question

MaliceX site profile image  

7/21/11 10:10 AM by MaliceX

Fitch is a Filter.GSP knows as long as he keeps Fitch near the #1 position he will always be champ. Fitch can snooze everyone else of threat and he cannot beat GSP.

Raedune site profile image  

7/21/11 10:06 AM by Raedune

 fitch is fun to watch if you appreciate the subtlety of the ground game.  he is a menace on the gets boring watching adhd fans not able to comprehend a good fight doesn't have to be two mediocore strikers standing and wanging.

kanodogg2 site profile image  

7/21/11 3:11 AM by kanodogg2

No, they misunderstood georges with the accent, he really meant 'unlikeable'

GriffinQ site profile image  

7/21/11 2:44 AM by GriffinQ

No one can kill a sandwich. How can you kill something that is not alive? :)  

Sigitywop bears site profile image  

7/21/11 2:39 AM by Sigitywop bears

Fitch needs to go to a different weight class. As long as gsp and BJ (and possibly Condit, cuz imo he would beat fitch too)in the division, fitch will never have the WW title

Robert P Hansson site profile image  

7/21/11 1:38 AM by Robert P Hansson

Fitch is the most boring fighter in the UFC. Everyone knows it, so stop hyping it up like a bunch of retards.