Overeem: Boxing is still the number one

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Alistair Overeem is the only fighter to hold simultaneous world titles in both kickboxing (current K-1 World Grand Prix) and MMA (Strikeforce and DREAM heavyweight champion). For the past few weeks, he has been talking about testing is skills in boxing, and in an interview on The Fight Show with Mauro Ranallo, went so far as to say boxing is the number one combat sport.

"If I fight Klitschko now, I mean this guy, he is not for nothing the champion of how many leagues, like five? The thing is, it's an interesting thought, it's an interesting idea.

"Let's cut to the chase, there's a lot of money to be made in boxing. It is the most popular combat sport out there. I mean, MMA is doing really well and it might overtake boxing but boxing is still the number one.

"If you look at the revenues made by boxing it is a big difference, a big difference."

Before anyone trots out statistics on PPV buys, number of fights, etc, understand that Overeem is not talking from the point of view of a fan, or a statistician, he is speaking from the point of view of a professional fighter. And from a very rare point of view, the view from the wallet of the best fighter in MMA vs. the best fighter in boxing, boxing is better.

For example, Floyd Mayweather Jr. made an SI estimated $60,000,000 million in 2010, a multiple of what was earned by Anderson Silva and GSP combined. While the best heavyweight in boxing is not making FMJ cash, no one is offering the Overeem brothers 100 million bucks to fight each other like Don King did for the Klitchkos in 2008.

Lastly of course,  is the small matter of whether Overeem could perform at a world-class level in boxing, a prospect that seems enormously unlikely.

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JBob300 site profile image  

7/22/11 8:43 AM by JBob300

He wouldnt make half of what margarito made against pac...he isnt a big name, not in boxing, hardly to the casual MMA fan.

32m site profile image  

7/21/11 10:53 PM by 32m


Kevin bacon site profile image  

7/21/11 10:48 PM by Kevin bacon

the reem is too slow for pure boxing. I honestly believe a technical but old boxer like James Toney would play with him. Just slip and slide until he found a good place to hit. Boxing is way more intricate than kick boxing where you can just steamroll someone if you've got the size and the toughness for it. And I'm saying this as an old school european muay thai fighter

32m site profile image  

7/21/11 7:17 PM by 32m


32m site profile image  

7/21/11 7:16 PM by 32m

James Toney earned $500K for LOSING to Couture. Boxing pays much better.Margarito made $3 million for LOSING to Pac. It's ludicrous to think that Overeem wouldn't get at least 50% of what Margarito made when fighting HW.http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/sports/box/7294028.htmlhttp://fiveouncesofpain.com/2010/09/02/james-toney-earns-500000-for-ufc-118-loss-to-randy-couture/

32m site profile image  

7/21/11 7:15 PM by 32m


46and2 site profile image  

7/21/11 7:01 PM by 46and2

  "$60,000,000 million dollars"

bhealthy site profile image  

7/21/11 5:24 PM by bhealthy

the title match in boxing will never happen for the REEM. but i am sure he would beat either one of the klitchko brothers. it would be bad for both mma and boxing.