Strikeforce GP tries to regroup

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What does the Strikeforce Grand Prix mean?

After some brief confusion at the start, the promotion has always been up front about the fact the title wouldn’t be on the line in the grand prix, but instead said it hoped to establish a No. 1 contender for champion Alsitair Overeem. Unless of course, Overeem himself won the tournament. In that case, we’re not sure what the point would have been, exactly.

There have been those who’ve alleged the winner of the Strikeforce tourney would have a legitimate claim to being the world’s No. 1-ranked heavyweight, though that assertion seemed dubious even before Overeem’s injured toe forced him out of the running.

Josh Barnett

Winning the grand prix likely makes Barnett a Top 5 heavyweight again, possibly nets him a title bout against a healed-up Overeem and would make it more difficult for the brass at Zuffa, LLC. (who he’s long clashed with) to get rid of him.

Antonio Silva

“Bigfoot” a is a pretty unanimous choice as a Top 10 265-pounder, but he’s seldom mentioned in the same breath as guys like Cain Velasquez, Junior dos Santos or even Overeem. A win in the grand prix would change all that.

Daniel Cormier

Cormier has perhaps the most to gain, as the man who will step in for Overeem. Cormier is undefeated and a former Olympic wrestler. If he can win it, there’ll be no denying Cormier as the real deal any longer.

Sergei Kharitonov

If we told you at the start we were going to hold one of the greatest heavyweight tournaments in MMA history, but that Sergei Kharitononv was going to win, would you still watch? Yeah, I don’t know if I would, either.


Reports indicate Ovefreem only has one fight left on his contract. Does the company really want to take the risk of holding a tournament, seeing the tournament winner defeated by Overeem and then having Overeem depart the promotion. That doesn’t seem like a great option, does it?

Truth is, Strikeforce might be out of great options at this point.

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jjj2121 site profile image  

7/24/11 2:13 AM by jjj2121

 Me either, I heard at the start of the tournament you could bet the field (any alternate pretty much) to win the whole thing at 50-1, I'd be giddy if I was holding one of those tickets right now.

rbl site profile image  

7/24/11 1:59 AM by rbl

 I wouldn't be shocked at all if Cormier gets this. He has the ability to put any of these guys on their back and his striking seems to be at the point where he could survive on the feet for a while with Silva or Kharitonov without taking serious damage. It's always tempting to overrate undefeated up and coming fighters but I think Cormier is the real thing,  he'll give any of these guys serious trouble.

KingstonHawkeJr site profile image  

7/23/11 7:43 PM by KingstonHawkeJr

I don't think the tourny was a bad idea at all... I just think it was executed VERY poorly. Everything from the match-ups, to how they were marketing it seemed like it was just a dissaster waiting to happen. It never made any sense for Reem to be in the tourney. He should have faced Werdum outside the tourny, and Fedor should of faced Barnett, with the winner facing the winner (and the loser facing the loser) of Reem v. Werdum. Then the tourney could of showcased a bunch of great young talent that SF DOES have like Cormier, Lashley (before the loss), and Rogers. That winner could of been granted an immediate title shot... with that format, you'd of been building fighters (something SF NEVER has done) and you'd have interesting match-ups for at least a year and a half.

jjj2121 site profile image  

7/23/11 9:26 AM by jjj2121

 You are right, even if being sarcastic.  Star power matters in terms of drawing eyeballs.  This tournament no longer has any.

crazydave site profile image  

7/23/11 6:59 AM by crazydave

The legitimacy is gone.

DamnSevern site profile image  

7/23/11 6:56 AM by DamnSevern

guessing that's also the reason many fans don't watch bellator, no pizzazz.

fightharder site profile image  

7/23/11 5:31 AM by fightharder

 Yeah, Reporter showed that he really does not know a lot about MMA to begin with (why did he even get the job reporting on MMA if you are going to make those kind of comments). Still,he makes a very valid point in reference to Overeem. Strikeforce made an incredible stupid move removing him from the tournament from a business perspective.Yes he looked flat in his last performance and yes MMA fans do know how great the russian mercenary can be,but Showtime wants to score ratings and Overeem is a draw to people who do not know a lot about MMA. I personally think the move is bad for Alisters career as well and i frankly think that the whole boxing idea is slightly ridiculous. That being said Showtime is going to be the party that comes out of this the weakest.Overeem will fight the winner of the tournament and will demand a move to the UFC is he wins.If he loses he probably would return to Japanese circuit and K-1 more often diminishing the worth of his brand (his reputation as well but that is a totally different discussion) for himself but more importantly for Strikeforce. Welcome to the land of lost oppertunities.I honestly cannot believe why Strikeforce would ''force'' the card.Seem to be there still more preoccupied with battling HBO in boxing programming instead of taking the potential of MMA a little more serious.

nhbguy site profile image  

7/23/11 1:58 AM by nhbguy

+1 for not understanding the stupid Sergei comment at the end. I actually thought it was reasonably well written until the end. Who wrote this? Whoever you are, maybe you should stop talking for awhile. Sit the next couple of plays out.

flesheatingbull site profile image  

7/23/11 1:39 AM by flesheatingbull