Cain Velasquez meets MMA fan Cristiano Ronaldo



Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t just one of the best soccer players in the world, having been voted best player on the planet in 2007 (and with an income of $38,000,000 was the planet's 7th highest paid athlete last year). He’s also one of the most famous MMA and Jiu-Jitsu enthusiasts on the planet. Months after learning some moves from the Valentes and Royce Gracie in California, he went for another round and met up with the best heavyweight around, Cain Velasquez, at UCLA campus in Los Angeles.

The two swapped presents: a Real Madrid jersey for UFC gloves.


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23Xtreme site profile image  

7/26/11 2:08 AM by 23Xtreme

somebody embed this

Jenny Wishbone site profile image  

7/24/11 4:32 PM by Jenny Wishbone

Madrid have separated themselves from the rest of the world based on one decent season in the Champions League?Mourinho seems to bring the best out of players, but there is really nothing special about the current Madrid squad.

WillD site profile image  

7/24/11 12:01 PM by WillD

I completely understand what you're saying about the EPL being better top to bottom. Agreed. It is. BUT...I do also believe that Barca and Real are not only a different tier in their own league but have separated themselves from the rest of the world as well. You can't boast the best league when the two best teams play in another league. They may be beating up on weaker competition most of the year but they do play the best of the world in the champions league. We all saw Barca tooling Man U.I was just making the point that it's garbage to say Messi couldn't play anywhere.

myee8 site profile image  

7/24/11 11:28 AM by myee8

Oh yeah, forgot about Athletico Madrid fans too!

Tad Ghostal site profile image  

7/24/11 11:17 AM by Tad Ghostal

It's no longer the English Premier league, fuck wits.WHO ARE WE, JACK ARMY!

Oldboy site profile image  

7/24/11 11:04 AM by Oldboy

That's crazy for sure. He's definitely shown he has the skill to be a heavyweight and I always enjoyed seeing lighter, more agile heavies fight.

Strykr619 site profile image  

7/24/11 10:59 AM by Strykr619

Irony is for all the people who bash futbol (soccer) is that its a much more deadly sport then MMA. Lots of active players have died this past decade while playing.

Osbot site profile image  

7/24/11 10:55 AM by Osbot

Difference between Messi and Ronaldo.United were a more balanced threatening club after Ronaldo left.Messi is not only a great player, he makes everyone around him better as well.Ronaldo is a great individual but he cannot take a great team and make it the greatest or even greater and I will hold that a great team that signs Ronaldo will actually become inferior.Yes he can score a shitload of goals. Except when you take him out of the game and your offensive production completely halts.Ronaldo is a fundamentally selfish player. A great one, but an incredibly selfish one. You put him on a mid-table team, he dramatically improves them. You remove him from the United line up and they look more dangerous and I am fairly certain score more goals without him. The implications of Ronaldo are not felt as heavily at Madrid in La Liga where the defending is softer and the game in general is softer however, you can still see the detriment that is Ronaldo to Real Madrid in tough games. Stop Ronaldo and whatever team he is on runs out of ideas as they player Route Ronaldo ball.Stop Messi from scoring and he still is a midfield maestro who will setup and create involving his teammates.If I can pick between the two and I am looking to make a great team the greatest? I take Messi every single time. If I am picking between the two and I am looking to make a shit team competitive? I take Ronaldo every single time.

Osbot site profile image  

7/24/11 10:47 AM by Osbot

Messi is the best player in the world by a bit of a stretch. However La Liga is a farce of a league, is not competitive beyond two teams.The EPL while perhaps not sporting the top team atm has 3 teams that are perennially involved in the title chase both for the Champions League and the EPL. Additionally Shitty will soon be joining that club as well and if Liverpool can get its shit together that will put the EPL with 5 very strong, can win it any year clubs, while La Liga and Serie A have 2 and then everyone else some margin behind. The Spuds are right in there as well.Top to bottom the EPL is the most competitive and the highest standard top to bottom.Barca may be out in front of everyone else by some distance at the moment, but Chelski, Le'Arse, United, City, Milan, Inter, Bayern and a few others can all in the mix with Real Madrid.


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