Dana White, Mike Swick, and Frank Shamrock in twitter beef

source: bloodyelbow.com

A fan asked Frank Shamrock if there was a single fight that could bring him out of retirement. Shamrock's response kicked it off...

One fight. One name that could bring you out of retirement. Who would it be?


after seeing the beatins frank has got in his last few fights I don't blame him for wanting to fight me!!!!

plus he's had those goofy braces on for like 7 years now and wouldn't want to fuck that grill up.

swick has been beggin me to put a beatin on u. He thinks its a joke u do anti bully shit, says he never met bigr bully then u

real men fight their own battles. I watched you beat up a girl and celebrate. Swick knows the truth and so do I. Anytime bro.

u are such a fuckin weirdo! Lol, if you are feeling all macho again after ur last man sized beatins swick is ready!l

Woa Twitter! lol @FrankShamrock I dont know anything about the truth u know that I know. "Anytime bro" to me? @DanaWhite am I fightin Frank?l

For the record, Frank didn't beat me up in training. Only 1 dumb incident that pissed me off. Its mostly what I saw him do to others.

I stood up when no one else would. I do what I thinks right and if I take heat for that then so be it.

Still dont know if @FrankShamrock is calling me out or not. I wouldnt turn down the fight though. 1st I got @ErickSilvaMMA in Brazil. UFC134

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newbyfan site profile image  

7/25/11 12:21 PM by newbyfan


Zapruder site profile image  

7/25/11 2:42 AM by Zapruder

This has had me rolling from the first post VTFU

Funaki Masakatsu #1 site profile image  

7/24/11 10:22 PM by Funaki Masakatsu #1

 VTFD you n00b piece of shit

superCalo site profile image  

7/24/11 10:06 PM by superCalo

Agreed, why not report some actual news rather than cut and pasting guys twitters, everyone is doing it when its just as easy to read someones twitter direct rather than scroll through endless threads on here repeating them

kelby site profile image  

7/24/11 10:01 PM by kelby

how do you guys know dana is a good boxer. i can't find anything on the net. youtube, or info on it. and know way dana can beat frank in boxing.

JordanSmith site profile image  

7/24/11 5:37 PM by JordanSmith

I bet that Dana White could knock out Shamrock

The Notorious OMG site profile image  

7/24/11 6:43 AM by The Notorious OMG

straight up boxercise Dana might winsomeone told me GSP would have smoked Anderson Silva if they would have fought

heavyweightmma site profile image  

7/24/11 5:41 AM by heavyweightmma

Frank's day at work just got awkward.

Deins site profile image  

7/24/11 4:28 AM by Deins

Dana is a great guy but Frank is one of my Idols, so I will support at any time, any day!!