Dana White: Overeem was not pushed from SFGP, he quit

source: bloodyelbow.com

"Showtime picked the date for September, they control the dates and that's when they want to have it. They told us (Overeem) had to pull out of the tournament. Just to clarify because I've seen on twitter where they're saying that he's been "taken out of the tournament." Why the hell would we take Alistair Overeem out of the tournament? He said he couldn't compete because he hurt his toe."

"They decided to pull out of this fight, and it has nothing to do with us. He was never strong-armed or bullied or disrespected in any way, shape, or form."

"(Overeem fighting the Klitschkos) a really, really bad idea. It's not what he does. And to be honest with you, not to disrespect him or whatever, you asked me a question and I'm gonna tell you the truth - his hands didn't look that good against Werdum. You think you're gonna go out there and box the Klitschkos?"

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HexRei site profile image  

7/26/11 4:30 PM by HexRei

Because he's the hero the UG deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark fight promoter.

Royalt239 site profile image  

7/26/11 4:19 PM by Royalt239

he needs to hide his true identity hes the batman of the UG

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

7/25/11 9:44 PM by Chimonos Revenge


UltraMagnus site profile image  

7/25/11 9:32 PM by UltraMagnus

I only hit it once but I didn't inhale...

semtex0809 site profile image  

7/25/11 8:57 PM by semtex0809

He's scurred he's clean when he fights in us in japan he juices hardcore

slamming site profile image  

7/25/11 8:44 PM by slamming

Its entirely possible if Scott Coker was trying to come off as an 11 year old illiterate mush mouth to hide his real identity.So yes, very possible.

CindyO site profile image  

7/25/11 8:34 PM by CindyO

  What date would you suggest? Cindy

soldierdad5417 site profile image  

7/25/11 7:26 PM by soldierdad5417

sokoudjou_1 - "Zuffa is trying to blackball Overeem. Oh well."That's the dumbest shit I've read on here, his balls are already black.

UltraMagnus site profile image  

7/25/11 5:51 PM by UltraMagnus

Reem.... Not by much though....

FenceGrab site profile image  

7/25/11 5:43 PM by FenceGrab

People are offended because its BS.He was happy to fight Todd Duffee (Who was coming off a KO loss) on short notice. He was happy to fight 5 or 6 times last year.But suddenly 3 months after his last fight isn't time enough to get ready?


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