Rampage: We're going to be like boxing, nobody is going to want to watch

source: HDNetFights

"Jon Jones is a tough guy and stuff like that. But I'm getting bored with these opponents, win or lose, I'm getting bored cause these guys got these elaborate gameplans. They want to take me down and wrestle me because they think my ground is suspect.

"MMA, we evolve so fast, pretty soon we're going to be like boxing if we keep fighting this way. Nobody is going to want to watch.

"I'm coming for the belt and stuff like that but I'm still going to go out there and go gung ho and go for it and take chances. We fight in the cage, they lock the cage behind us, you know what I'm saying?"

"I don't care about us going to the ground, fights end up on the ground. But if this is one of those fights where it's all I end up doing the whole time is defending takedowns, it makes me look bad as a fighter too.

"I got fans talking about I haven't knocked somebody out since Wanderlei. It's because Wanderlei come to fight, Chuck come to fight. These people come to fight, you know what I'm saying? I could have easily gotten knocked out by Chuck or Wanderlei, it's a risk you take. But those guys, they gained my respect."

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Bushido Jones site profile image  

7/25/11 8:01 PM by Bushido Jones

I agree with Rampage's comments on the lay n pray strategy employed by a number of fighters with a wrestling base and cannot stand when they are not attempting to advance their position or finish the fight by submission or strikes. As a former wrestler and current student of jujitsu, kenjutsu & Chen style taiji chuan, I enjoy the dynamic when the fight goes to the ground. I also do not think that Jones is one of these fighters that is prone to lay n pray as his short resume has been exciting. I've been a 'Page fan since his early days in Pride prior to his first fight with Chuck but really became a die-hard fan of his with the Liddell fight and the Arona powerbomb (and people say not to attempt to slam your way out of a triangle...!). Rampage's comments aside, I would like to see him bring back the killer instinct he displayed when he fought Chuck (II), Hendo & Wandy. He has not displayed it since he had Rashad hurt in the third and let him dance around for a minute while he regained his legs. If he can channel it again, he has a shot at Bones, though the reach difference is ridiculous.

bhealthy site profile image  

7/25/11 5:26 PM by bhealthy

if humpfests are encouraged, a more appropriate name would be 'Ultimate control championship', or even "Intimate control championship" but calling it Fighting in a game where they may only fighting 20% of the time they play is a bit misleading.

cross3dout site profile image  

7/25/11 5:25 PM by cross3dout

Yeah so says Hollywood

Granpa site profile image  

7/25/11 5:17 PM by Granpa

Rampage is 100% correct.

Korpiklaani site profile image  

7/25/11 4:13 PM by Korpiklaani

a favorite fighter to me comes to fight everytime, win or lose, i dont give a shit if the guy has a belt or not, id rather see exciting fights than guys fighting safe, gsp is pushing my limits, if nick diaz cant make him fight i dont know what its going to take

My gi is my sword site profile image  

7/25/11 3:35 PM by My gi is my sword

Pride obviously went bust he was jumping a sinking ship moron

ironkong site profile image  

7/25/11 3:24 PM by ironkong

there goes quinton again crying. He has basically stripped away his wrestling game and turned into a one dimensional boxer. Shame he really hasn;t evolved his game in the last few years. Stop crying Rampage and get into a real MMA camp.

TapoutT1978 site profile image  

7/25/11 9:39 AM by TapoutT1978

yeah, Bones is so boring...get real. One dimensional Rampage is boring. we are in transition, more athletes like Bones come in and we'll be seeing real Ninja shit.

jjj2121 site profile image  

7/25/11 9:04 AM by jjj2121

 Rampage himself has evolved into a boring boxer.