Marloes: I have to prove to Zuffa WMMA makes legit money

source: What was your main focus in the training camp for Miesha Tate?

Marleos Coenen: Prevent to get taken down of course! ;)

LK: Miesha Tate recently said that she can’t see you winning this fight on the ground. What can you say about that statement?

MK: She should use her brain better. Look at my wins and don't forget that I have competed in ADCC 2005 and 2007 and was the European champion ADCC too.

LK: As someone who fought in MMA for well-over 10 years now, what’s your thoughts on the future of Women’s MMA, especially in light of ZUFFA purchasing Strikeforce?

MK: The fact that Zuffa has made us co-mail event, while they didn't had to do that, is for me a good token. We girls have to prove that we can bring in enough money to be a legit part of the Zuffa family. As it's not a non-profit organization, money has to be made. With the different characters in the female division, I think we should be able to reach a big, and more diverse audience. We have sexy girls, tomboys, smart girls, classy women, students, girls in different age categories - from different countries. For me personally, I hope I can inspire girls to follow or start MMA the same way Lucia Rijker was a big inspiration for me. If this fight outdraws the main fight again, as with my last fight, it proves to Zuffa that there's a reason to keep us.

LK: You avenged your loss to Roxanne Modafferi two years ago. Who out of the remaining “L” you would like to fight the most? Cyborg, Dandois or Toughill?

MK: Dandois isn't a loss in my book, and she's still ducking me. Her management told my management she wouldn't let her fight me. And I have offered herself in person to fight me; when she was complaining about not getting any fights. She started stuttering that she had to ask her brother. I'm done with her. Erin, I hope she can make weight; I would love to fight her. Cyborg is the one I really want to fight because she really won. I wasn't sick, I was trained well, and she just won. So that's a good challenge to take on.

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Strikeforce Women's Welterweight Champion Marloes "Rumina" Coenen, fights Miesha Tate in a Champion vs. Tournament Winner unification bout thsi weekend. Once again, Coenen's fight will serve as co-main event for a stacked Strikeforce card, which will be headlined by Fedor Emelianenko vs.  Dan Henderson.

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Humphrey site profile image  

7/25/11 2:53 PM by Humphrey

if there's a draw to this fight, it's meisha, not her.

ThatsWhatHeSaid site profile image  

7/25/11 2:48 PM by ThatsWhatHeSaid

 I can't wait to see how this plays out. I see Miesha having a slight edge. Hope ring rust doesn't play a factor.

jjj2121 site profile image  

7/25/11 2:45 PM by jjj2121

 Which concerns me about Marloes even more.

AmericanPsychoMMA site profile image  

7/25/11 2:33 PM by AmericanPsychoMMA

Maybe Marloes was having a bad day against Liz. Liz didn't look all that good against Kaufman.

Squared Circle site profile image  

7/25/11 2:23 PM by Squared Circle

 WAMMA makes more money than WMMA.

jjj2121 site profile image  

7/25/11 2:22 PM by jjj2121

 I love Marloes but the more I look at this fight the more I think Tate does what Carmouche did without getting subbed.  Marloes looked pretty bad fending off takedowns and off of her back in the Carmouche fight.

The Purp site profile image  

7/25/11 2:20 PM by The Purp

man I hope female mma doesnt come into the ufc.. please dont ruin my sport!!!

TheHebrewHammer site profile image  

7/25/11 12:23 PM by TheHebrewHammer

War Coenen. This girl is pure class. I will be rooting for her this Saturday.