Justin Wren fundraising for trip to save pygmies

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From the desk of Justin "Viking" Wren

I had my world ROCKED and my life TRANSFORMED on my 55day mission trip & discipleship program called “The Experience!” I absolutely could never describe in words how great and life changing it was. I did hear a quote that said, “No amount of money could EVER replace the feeling of seeing God’s smile.” Well I now know what that feels like! One glimpse of that is pictured below. I thought I’d immediately go back to fighting after Haiti, The DR and “The Experience” but I heard the calling to Africa for The Ultimate Fight 4 Christ! 

During one of the sessions a KBM speaker, Caleb Bislow, shared about a people group in Africa that made my heart spin wildly inside my chest like a tornado!  The Pygmies in the Congo are a very despised people group in Africa.  In RECENT years rebel groups have even sought to annihilate and cannibalize them.  It is hard for me to believe that there is such pain in our world and that few have heard about this tragedy. They are a neglected people group because of their remote location and the risks involved in reaching out to them.   After sharing about the Pygmies Caleb invited myself and two others to join him this August on his first mission trip to Africa.  I realized that God has wired me to take risks in life and there is nothing that I would rather risk for than his Kingdom! We have the cure for Hell, and the pygmies have never heard of Jesus!

This trip will also allow me to minister to suffering rape victims in the Congo, a village in Rwanda, and numerous unreached Maasai villages in Kenya and Tanzania.  I recognize that this is an expensive trip due to all of the elements, the corruption in the Congo,  and the extremely high gas prices in East Africa, but I believe that if God is in it then He will provide. These Pygmies are a  HUGE cause worth Fighting for!

This opportunity came at me fast, because the trip will take place from August 2 to August 22 .  God has already miraculously blessed as me with some financial support, but I am still trying to raise the remaining $3,000  by Friday July 29th, 2011.   If you would like to partner with me through prayer or finances please fill out the information below, check the boxes accordingly, and send it in to KBM.  I plan to give my partners a full report upon my return.  Thank you for prayerfully considering this investment in my life and in the lives of those that are forgotten in Africa.


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superCalo site profile image  

8/3/11 4:55 PM by superCalo

[quote]RenatoCocopreta - He wont come here but this is what he posted on FB: Headed to the jungle in The Congo! "There is no nation too difficult, no village too obscure, no situation too desperate for the HOPE of Christ." time to go fight THE Ultimate Fight 4 Christ :-) 22 hours ago via Facebook Mobile [/quote]  He is going to the Congo to fight ?? fighting the enemy of the pgymies ? dose'nt sound too Christian, why not just help them instead ??

RenatoCocopreta site profile image  

8/3/11 4:50 PM by RenatoCocopreta

He wont come here but this is what he posted on FB:Headed to the jungle in The Congo! "There is no nation too difficult, no village too obscure, no situation too desperate for the HOPE of Christ." time to go fight THE Ultimate Fight 4 Christ :-)22 hours ago via Facebook Mobile

superCalo site profile image  

8/2/11 4:37 PM by superCalo

Justin Wren are there any Buddists in your party so a message of peace, understanding and not eating animal flesh can be given to the pgymies ? Or is it a closed religious group ?

RenatoCocopreta site profile image  

8/2/11 12:43 PM by RenatoCocopreta

Off course Justin wont come back here to answer any questions. He'd much rather deal with the unquestioning adulation from his supporters on facebook.

mr nemo site profile image  

8/1/11 4:45 PM by mr nemo

I'm so tired of these grand-standing missionaries who go throw monkey wrenches into other cultures and religions then brag about how great it is to do 'God's work'. Pigmies are being hunted and eaten by some of the other tribes, they believe eating pigmy flesh will give you magic powers. Yeah, Christianity is really going to help these folks. The old South Park episode about missionaries with Sally Struthers was right on the mark, sad thing to be true.

TampabayMMA site profile image  

8/1/11 3:49 PM by TampabayMMA

I havent heard from Justin yet, I will assume its because he's busy, and not tucking. All we have to do is set a date as he said he wanted to come here.

CindyO site profile image  

8/1/11 3:20 PM by CindyO

 Am I going to hell for LOLing at this? Cindy

KevinMcAllister site profile image  

8/1/11 3:01 PM by KevinMcAllister

or was it a chance for self righteous delusional christians to continue to look down their noses because people choose not to believe a fairy tale?

KevinMcAllister site profile image  

8/1/11 2:58 PM by KevinMcAllister

this is absolutely pathetic