BJ Penn: The needle is not the answer

by Mike Chiappetta | source:

On Monday's edition of The MMA Hour, Penn elaborated on his thoughts regarding TRT and how it is quickly seeping into the sport, saying the Marquardt case served as an education for him.

"I think everyone is really of the same opinion as I am, if they want to admit it or not. Stuff like this is not easy to talk about. We're talking about friends and colleagues of mine. They look at me and they hear me say these things, and they're like, 'You know you're the only guy that doesn't do it, right?' And I'm like, I know.

"It's a catch-22 for me. I believe so strongly in fair play and all these things, and on the other side, it's people you know and people you look up to, legends of the sport. They've been involved with stuff like that. I guess i shouldn't be so outspoken because I have so many friends and colleagues and so many people I respect in this sport that have gotten involved with stuff like TRT and hormone replacement."

"When you're chi is down, you feel weak, and I'm sure it's an easy way out to do all the testosterone and stuff, but I just couldn't see myself doing it."

"I always said no," he said of well-known coaches in the sport talking to him about trying one of the treatments to boost his own performance. "I always believed that technique is what it was all about. That's why I always took on the bigger challenges. That's what jiu-jitsu is about. That's why they have the absolute division, so when you're a white belt in jiu-jitsu, you're already practicing wrestling with bigger people. I always believed it was in the technique. I always believed the needle is not the answer. I always believed that. I still believe it today."

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BALLSDEEP site profile image  

8/9/11 2:37 AM by BALLSDEEP

Then what is?

lionsoul site profile image  

8/9/11 12:32 AM by lionsoul

Just gasses easily

dahosse site profile image  

7/30/11 6:48 PM by dahosse

Man, I would argue with you, but you're coming on a little strong for my taste. Instead, I'll just say that if you've ever used a doctor prescribed anti-inflammatory, you have yourself been guilty of manipulating your hormonal profile into a state that us more beneficial for your athletic purposes-in this case, recovery from injury and enhancement of healing. Yes, this is different from using anabolic steroids, and I am not advocating that they be regarded as equal. But if you will not admit they both represent an artificial attempt to enhance your performance, then you are not being intellectually honest. So the question becomes, where do we draw the line? This is issue is not as black and white as you are trying to make it out to be. And honestly, why do you even give a shit? If Randy coutere hadn't been on test replacement, you would have missed out on the best fights of his career, basically. I was mad when I found that stuff out some years ago, but if you think about it, there's no way to stop it. Might as well accept it. Can't test for hgh, and subsequently a bunch of dudes in the UFC grew gorilla guts and cro-magnon faces. You can get a scrip for test replacement and all of a sudden a bunch of juicers have low T. Whatever. Just let go and realize this shit is happening and don't worry about it too much.

Samoanpowr site profile image  

7/28/11 5:03 PM by Samoanpowr

Yeah, I'm sure that BJ Penn doesn't train hard at all.  He won the Mundials, two UFC titles and amassed his win total because he doesn't train and has no commitment. Fuck, all those fighters he's beaten must be sick to know that they were beaten by a guy that didn't train.

Pink Bunkadoo site profile image  

7/28/11 10:13 AM by Pink Bunkadoo

LMAO,this coming from a guy who would rather eat than train. Of course he isn't "doing it" It wouldn't do him any good. You actually have to train and have commitment in order for it to work. Go back to smokin' bj and give your mom cool ideas that she can use when she cries to a judge about your next loss.

Samoanpowr site profile image  

7/28/11 9:45 AM by Samoanpowr

Oh, so you are saying that athletes with less talent should be able to level the playing field with athletes with more talent by injecting themselves with testosterone?  Great logic.  

disbeliever site profile image  

7/28/11 9:03 AM by disbeliever

TRT is all relative like all things.If someone has a low T level and uses TRT to bring himself back to baseline levels, then no it is nto cheating.If someone uses TRT to put them at the high end of the scale, or even over the normal range, then yes it is cheating.Stricter testing rules would allow people on TRT exemptions to be more closely monitored for such things. Anyone with a TRT exemption should have blood work done several times in a training camp to monitor levels. Just doing a screen after the fight or when getting licensed wont cut it.

dahosse site profile image  

7/28/11 8:43 AM by dahosse

No offense to bj Penn, but I'm not so sure a guy with next-level natural talents and amazing situational advantages in his early career has any business trying to tell other people how to run their show. Not to mention steroids have a very legitimate place in sports medicine. The fact that a chronic undertrainer like bj doesn't need them and doesn't think they serve a purpose isn't entirely shocking.

Jons Forsberg site profile image  

7/28/11 4:14 AM by Jons Forsberg

or perhaps TRT isn't cheating?