K-1 sold to Japanese luxury real estate rentals and investment firm

source: liverkick.com

It is official, the rights to K-1's brand and future events has officially been sold, the reign of FEG has apparently come to a close. According to the reports being leaked by reputable sources in Japan straight from Kazuyoshi Ishii, K-1's rights have been transfered to Barbizon Co. Ltd. based out of Japan, which is a luxury real estate rentals and investment company. Only the rights to K-1 and associated trademarks have moved to Barbizon, including the DYNAMITE!!, World Grand Prix, K-1 GP and so forth.

DREAM will continue to be operated by the same party as always, which means no real change on the DREAM front. Interestingly enough, the K-1 Koshien brand, K-1's youth league that they have been running for the past few years will be staying with the pachinko company FiELDS that was a longtime sponsor of K-1 and K-1 Dynamite!! shows.

The K-1 MAX brand was nowhere to be seen in this deal, most likely because of TBS's involvement in developing and holding the rights to the K-1 MAX brand, but it should be noted that the one K-1 show this year, the -63kg Japan tournament did have the MAX branding on it, so it is unclear exactly what will happen with the K-1 MAX brand and division right now, as the MAX brand could easily be licensed from or purchased from TBS.

There is a lot more to this story, though, a lot of which has yet to be fully revealed, such as why did a real estate company purchase K-1, who other investors are, who will officially manage the promotion and when to expect more shows. There should be an official announcement out of Japan shortly about the sale of the rights, but don't expect further news on the more in depth information for at least a few weeks. Many have been quick to write off potential European influence in the new K-1, but if sources are correct, there will be a lot more news to come.

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FryedTakayama site profile image  

7/28/11 9:47 PM by FryedTakayama

Joe Rogan talks on his podcast about how he has been trying get Dana into it but it doesn't look like he's interested. He was also begging for Mark Cuban to get in on it hehe.

Brett Rogers High Kick WTF II site profile image  

7/28/11 9:29 PM by Brett Rogers High Kick WTF II

 It would be fucking awesome if that would actually happen, but the chances of that actually happening are astronomical. It really fucking sucks that Kickboxing will never really take off over here, I hope it does but I highly doubt it. Even if it was a couple of events a year I would be fine with it. 

2JupitersTooMany site profile image  

7/28/11 9:03 PM by 2JupitersTooMany


yhknq site profile image  

7/28/11 8:31 PM by yhknq

any chance zuffa purchases k-1 and lets scott run it?  

jjj2121 site profile image  

7/28/11 2:20 PM by jjj2121

Yes he is ill and I do not believe it to be an act.  

smth416 site profile image  

7/28/11 2:15 PM by smth416

The PMs he sent me are pretty hilarious. That dude is unhinged.   

Brett Rogers High Kick WTF II site profile image  

7/28/11 2:12 PM by Brett Rogers High Kick WTF II

Guys, I thought that this would be a discussion on Kickboxing but obviously not...  

MonsterBalls site profile image  

7/28/11 2:09 PM by MonsterBalls

Member Since: 7/19/11You are proving yourself to be a troll. I shall start voting you down when you spam like this.

Brett Rogers High Kick WTF II site profile image  

7/28/11 2:08 PM by Brett Rogers High Kick WTF II

 Could we please get back to K1, not whether the news is breaking or not. I know this is a MMA website, but I thought that Kickboxing would be a little more popular. Now, as far as K1 goes how many of you think that Alistair will actually defend his title this year? I think ,with the way his Strikeforce career is going, I really believe that he will enter the GP. The question is will he be able to keep the title. And in order to keep the title he will have to fight someone like Semmy Schilt, or someone like Badr Hari and to be brutally honest I don't believe he has the skill set that would be able to take out either one of them (right now). 

MonsterBalls site profile image  

7/28/11 2:08 PM by MonsterBalls

As far as I am concerned you broke it since I haven't read it anywhere else. I typically get most of my news here.So thanks again, FRB!