Pat Miletich: Cormier tougher match up than Overeem, will beat Big Foot

source: MiddleEasyTV


tags: Strikeforce   Daniel Cormier (detail)  Anontonio Silva   Big Foot   Pat Miletich   


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MMALOGIC site profile image  

7/29/11 6:03 PM by MMALOGIC

Always go with the wrestler in these situations.The only probable way big foot could win this feet is if he can get and stay on top position. It's a huge gamble thinking he'll be able to outwrestle cormier.Possible? sure... probable? nope.Im not saying it's a no questions win for Daniel... but I dont see how big foot wins. If he's getting the better of the exchanges on the feet cormier will just take him down. You gotta always go with the guy who can dictate where the fight takes place... especially when his opponent has no KO power and no serious maia level submission threat.

Mr Sponge site profile image  

7/29/11 6:00 PM by Mr Sponge

Bigfoot via bighead

Magnum TA site profile image  

7/29/11 5:53 PM by Magnum TA

 Most smart people do pick the wrestlers. Like it or not they win 90% of the time and it usually takes another wrestler to beat them.  I see this fight being kind of similar stylistically to Mark Coleman vs Ricardo Morais (another mongaloid BJJ guy). Even though Ricardo was bigger, Coleman was able to take him down consistently and GNP him enough to win a lopsided decision.

MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ site profile image  

7/29/11 5:51 PM by MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ

Miletich always picks the wrestlers. Haha he just got inducted into hall of fame! In today's game, 3 takedowns can win u a fight even if u do nothing with it

Magnum TA site profile image  

7/29/11 5:44 PM by Magnum TA

 Cormier will mince bigfoot through the fence like a boiled potato and will have him off balance on the feet worrying about takedowns. He will get the better of it on the feet because of that and he will take him down as much as he needs to in order to win. Cormier is improving a lot with each fight too. I expect him to show some more improvements in this fight. He is just now starting to learn how to put things together and show improvements in his overall technique. The only threat bigfoot poses to Cormier is his size. Cormier's wrestling will be able to neurtralize any reach he has on the feet and his BJJ skills. If Cormier can get takedowns without having to work hard for them this fight will be easy for him.

32m site profile image  

7/29/11 5:43 PM by 32m

It seems like the better the fighter, the worse the prediction. Let's see if this holds true again.

orcus site profile image  

7/29/11 5:28 PM by orcus

 "Big foot poses very little danger to cormier... he doesnt have KO power (couldnt ko arlovski) and he wont be able to get to top position on an olympic wrestler." Yes -- no Olympic level wrestlers (like Lindland or Henderson) have ever been outwrestled by guys with lesser credentials, particularly guys who have 40+lb on them. By the way, Cormier didn't seem to like it when even Jeff Monson connected on him; I wonder how he'll like Bigfoot's hamhands?

MMALOGIC site profile image  

7/29/11 5:22 PM by MMALOGIC

Big foot poses very little danger to cormier... he doesnt have KO power (couldnt ko arlovski) and he wont be able to get to top position on an olympic wrestler.Now cormier poses little threat as well because he has no punching power however in this case you almost always have to go with the guy who can control where the fight takes place and that's cormier.

orcus site profile image  

7/29/11 5:09 PM by orcus

 " He was also taken down a mid level lhw," Did Kyle take him down, or just drop him with a punch? "And Bigfoot had a signicantly longer reach than Kyle," Kyle is 6'3". Cormier's wiki lists him as 5'9".  

fightsfan site profile image  

7/29/11 5:05 PM by fightsfan

I way suprised by Cormiers very good striking in his most recent fight...very smooth and Fedor Like.for someone known as primarily a wrestler he has apparenty improved dramaticly.