Fedor: Seems to me it was stopped early

by Dann Stupp | source: mmajunkie.com


"It seems to me, yes (it was stopped early)," Fedor Emelianenko said through translator and M-1 executive Steve Bash. "It seems to me objectively, I was ready to continue fighting."

Replays, though, seem to tell another story. While Emelianenko had his opponent on shaky ground and in survival mode, Henderson fought his way back to his knees and then popped his opponent with an uppercut to the chin. Following the stunning turn of events, Emelianenko fell face first into the canvas, which prompted Dean to award Henderson the TKO win at the 4:12 mark of the opening round.

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circulation123 site profile image  

8/3/11 3:36 PM by circulation123

People, you can still be a Fedor fan and be graceful about this whole thing.Just let this thing go. The fight is over. Dan did a good job and Fedor's legacy won't go away because of this. It's just that MMA game as passed him by at this point.

circulation123 site profile image  

8/3/11 3:32 PM by circulation123

Dude, get over it. There’s been plenty of fights where the fighter woke up after the additional punches or just plain woke up even without punches (Brills/Vladmir, Kos/Thiago, Munoz/Dollaway comes to mind).That fact that he fell face first and went limp-anyone watching that fight with common sense would now that he was out. But just to make sure, you want someone with experience standing really close. Herb was that guy.Not only was Herb Dean close, but he had a very GOOD angle. You got some crazy conspiracy ideas that people are just saying he was out because people hate him? Wow. Do you not realize that even Fedor fans (the ones who can see and think clearly without bias) are saying that stop was legit?I’m not a huge Fedor fan but I’m not a hater either. I just wanted to see a good fight and I did. It was a good stoppage. Herb Dean was there. You weren’t.

circulation123 site profile image  

8/3/11 3:22 PM by circulation123

Those shots before he went out was to the sides. The ones AFTER he went ouT was MAYBE to the back of the heaD.Besides, you admitted that he was out right? So Dan won the fight then. That's it.

yomamafool site profile image  

8/2/11 10:32 AM by yomamafool

no he wasnt !???? wow so now we make shit up

HexRei site profile image  

8/2/11 10:27 AM by HexRei

fedor was done, and besides, he was rolling his head to make the punches back of the head instead of side (where dan was trying to hit).

yomamafool site profile image  

8/2/11 9:45 AM by yomamafool

the two shots to the back of the head were before the ref stopped the fight.

Kanabull site profile image  

8/2/11 4:39 AM by Kanabull

Great way to sum it up. I feel the same way.

Mayweedz site profile image  

8/2/11 4:08 AM by Mayweedz

Seems like his head hitting the canvas flash KO'd him for a split second. You are pretty much conscious (in a blurry kind of way) but the shock kind of stuns your body for a split second and it doesn't quite respond. When it happens when some1 is standing it's less obvious because they kind of just go limp for a split second stagger a little and then recover and then they just react out of instinct (some people cover up other people just instinctively punch back). It looked more pronounced with Fredor since he didn't have any space in the canvas when he went limp for that split second and he just collapses. I'm pretty sure he was still awake as much as he was still conscious what was happening to him, but his body did go out for a second. It was a justified call by the ref. However, It's entirely possible that Fredor could have recovered if the ref had hesitated a second before stopping the fight and he would have continued fighting...but he was in a bad situation. Oh well, that's the way things go in the sport. It's a judgement call and we just have to accept it

Kanabull site profile image  

8/2/11 1:43 AM by Kanabull

Where is this evidence that after you've been knocked out by a punch, getting punched again wakes you up? I don't remember Bisping immediately jumping to his feet after the second bomb that Dan dropped on his face.Fedor was never out. He got the stanky leg while he was on all fours which made him face plant, but he immediately started maneuvering once he hit the canvas.IMO people are just saying he was out cold in an attempt to piss off the crazed Fedor fans because he's never been knocked out, and they want to rub in the fact that's he passed his peak awhile back. Fedor still has a granite chin though, and a guy who was out cold doesn't stand back up on his own three or four seconds after being KO'ed. Frank Mir couldn't stand up after his second fight with Lesnar and I think it was pretty clear he was never out completely.

thebasher site profile image  

8/2/11 1:43 AM by thebasher

early stoppage - Fedor knows it and we all know it