Sean McCorkle apologizes for innapropriate joke

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I'm sorry for the Evan Tanner joke

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On the McCorkle minute on Ariel's MMA Hour. And you'll rarely if ever hear me apologize for something I said so soak it in.

It wasn't meant to be mean spirited, just funny in a shocking way, but the more I think about it, it wasn't and I apologize. I would never have done something like make fun of Mask dying or something like that, so Evan Tanner shouldn't have been any different.

I thought everything else I said was awesome though.

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chrisbaker site profile image  

8/1/11 3:31 PM by chrisbaker

 This may be true but I think in the long run its gonna affect him negatively.

X_Rated site profile image  

8/1/11 3:25 PM by X_Rated

Zippy is his own worst enemy lol. He's a good idea overall but damn he fucks himself hard sometimes

KevinMcAllister site profile image  

8/1/11 2:40 PM by KevinMcAllister

^^^although thats the only issue, is that he's a mod. he gets too aggro with people too easily.if he was a regular poster nobody would give a shit

KevinMcAllister site profile image  

8/1/11 2:38 PM by KevinMcAllister

zippy bringing up tanners percieved flaws as justification for mccorkles lame joke is WORSE than mccorkles joke in general.he's a horrendous mod.

Pikey0303 site profile image  

8/1/11 1:38 PM by Pikey0303

Arse bandit

Roidie McDouchebag site profile image  

8/1/11 5:10 AM by Roidie McDouchebag

A) The joke wasn't funny. Not because it was about Tanner, because it just wasn't that funny. Like, if you're going to tackle making a Tanner joke, you need to build up to it and it better be a real zinger!B) Zippy is right, on this threadC) Zippy is not a particularly good moderatorD) I WOULD tell McCorkle to eat a bowl of dicks to his face...what's he gonna do really? Would he even get mad? I kinda doubt it. I think he would probably laugh. I would also make funny faces at him and possibly blow him a kiss. I wouldn't do these things to a lot of people, not even a lot of fighters, but I would to Sean McCorkle...if he can tell a joke he ought to be able to take one.

Suplush site profile image  

8/1/11 4:38 AM by Suplush

zippy would gladly eat a bowl of McCorkle dick

Hemlock site profile image  

8/1/11 2:19 AM by Hemlock

I'm not sure what it is you have here with this issue and specifically with McCorkle. It's a little school-girlish. Everyone appreciates you should stand up for your house-guests Zippy, but for you to believe that there should be a banning because someone was told to "eat a bowl of dicks" is a blatant reach. How can you not see that in context?Fighters get variable opinion on this web site. They always have. It is what it is. If Kirik's desire for all negative commentary on fighter behavior, professional or personal, to be deleted was applied evenly then site content would drop by half. There is some shit that is not socially acceptable, for example attacks on family eg. Tito. But commentary on a fighter's public conduct, positive or negative, should not be shot down.McCorkle clearly knows the value, AND the pitfalls of this site. He has reaped and suffered both. "Eat a bowl of dicks" would rank about 20000th on the list of snipes on this site, and McCorkle likely owns several of them in the top 100.Like I said, you must be fucking joking.

Bo Bice site profile image  

8/1/11 12:39 AM by Bo Bice

Haha yeah but his "News" worthy comments are allowing the UG to post the truth about one of the bias mods. No way they freeze a thread they put up as news. Bwaaaaaaaaaa