Herb Dean: The fight is over when he's unconscious

by Steven Marrocco | source: mmajunkie.com

Referee Herb Dean has reviewed the footage of his call this past Saturday and has come to the same conclusion as the one he made in a split second.

Fedor Emelianenko was unconscious, taking punishment, and out of the fight.

"If I was to do it again – if I see a fighter face down receiving shots, I'm going to step in and stop the fight," Dean today told MMAjunkie.com. "I can't predict how long he's going to be unconscious for."

"The fight is over when he's unconscious. Because he comes back swiftly after I've already stepped in and stopped the fight, I can't restart the fight. Dan's still throwing punches, but once I've touched Dan, I've stopped the fight."

"I stepped in to support him once he stood up because his balance was still not totally there. I believe his motor control was still questionable."

"Once I see an unconscious fighter receiving blows while unconscious, that's my job to prevent him from receiving more blows, and that's what I'm going to do."

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Recent Comments »

yomamafool site profile image  

8/4/11 2:49 PM by yomamafool

yeah you're right

Eric the midget site profile image  

8/3/11 8:22 PM by Eric the midget

Cain was put to sleep, face first , on the ground, limp arm and all. He recovered quick.Yet, the ref let him continue, prove he can comeback from adversity and win the fight.

SinCityHustler site profile image  

8/3/11 7:11 PM by SinCityHustler

 It's not that we're qurestioning Fedor;s honesty, it's just that he had been put to sleep only moments prior by a thundering right hand and then had several more follow the intial one up.  It's like if you were hit by a car and when you got up some one asked you what is your name and you said "BatMan".  It's not that you are lying, it's that you were just hit by a fricken car.  The fact that Fedor had to ask waht hppened and had to be held up once he stood, nevermind the face plany and limp state that he was in, tells us that he simply is in no position to evaluate his own well eing.  Does that make any sense?  

diggity site profile image  

8/3/11 4:54 PM by diggity

fedor has lost 3 in a row. he's a warrior and a great one at that. just deal with it dude. don't be a whiney bitch. fedor isn't whining.

Shins o Steel site profile image  

8/3/11 3:39 PM by Shins o Steel

Whew, didn't take long for me to get crucified on that one. For the record, I wasn't saying Fedor was right, I just choose a roundabout and ineffective way of saying that Herb Dean will obviously support his decision. I mean, has a ref ever come out and said "My bad guys, I jumped in there too early/late."? Granted, I've never reffed an MMA fight, but I have gone through officiating classes for baseball and hockey and one thing is consistent all the way to the professional level, you never go back on your decision.I fear I may be beating a dead horse though.

caposa site profile image  

8/3/11 3:07 PM by caposa

Im pretty convinced that the whole "Early stoppage" crowd is just a bunch of people trolling at this point It's a realistic angle because Fedor has such a loyal fanbase and they will defend him at all costs, I have done this myself but the evidence is clear as day, and some of us didnt even need a replay to confirm it He was out. Anyone with two working eyes could see it. Herb describes exactly how it went down The great Fedor Emelianenko was knocked out. Its hard to accept but it happened. Get over it people, he'll live to fight another day.

jct71 site profile image  

8/3/11 2:51 PM by jct71

See the famous double KO with Maynard and Emerson. Both guys were out but Maynard was acting like most guys after a KO, saying he was fine etc.

DamnSevern site profile image  

8/3/11 2:51 PM by DamnSevern

fighter upset at stoppage, wants to continue fighting training partner backs teammate to win over much talented opponent we'll have this and more breaking news at 11pm.  

cdmontgo site profile image  

8/3/11 2:46 PM by cdmontgo

Herb is absolutely correct.  He made the right call.  It is unfortunate for Fedor, since he was able to recover so quickly, but Herb had no way of knowing how long that would take.  Fedor didn't recover before the fight was stopped. Yes, Herb can very well know Fedor's awareness better than Fedor.  Fedor just got knocked out.  He didn't know what happened.  He is a fighter, and he wants to fight.  That's what he knows.  He doesn't remember getting KO'ed.  Herb has that information when making his decision whereas Fedor does not. Cain wasn't taking punishment when Cheick dropped him.  His knees buckled, and he got back up.  He was able to recover before the ref could stop the fight.  Even the fastest ref in the world wouldn't have been able to get in there to stop that fight before Cain recovered.

Shins o Steel site profile image  

8/3/11 2:33 PM by Shins o Steel

To all the people putting so much stock into Herb Dean's own retelling of the stoppage, let me ask you this; what about Fedor? He said he didn't think the fight should have been stopped and he was okay to keep going. Are we saying Fedor was wrong and we know his state of awareness better than himself?Just throwing it out there because I think it's naive to think Herb Dean will openly contradict his own ruling.