Dennis Hallman fires back at 'ignorant' TRT critics


"People hear something from an official who was uneducated and they run around talking like they know the facts. They don't ... The thing about those guys is that they are as ignorant as they can be. You can't generalize everybody in every situation. Those guys probably don't even know where testosterone comes from in the body. You hear guys making statements that are ignorant all the time. And they've never spent 15 minutes looking up or studying hormone replacement. They make statements like that because the media propaganda machine brainwashes the average citizen into thinking steroids are bad. When really, they are medicine. But just like any medicine, if you abuse it, it becomes a drug."

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NarlyPersianDude site profile image  

8/4/11 1:57 PM by NarlyPersianDude

and Jose Pele Landis Johns knocked Hughes the fuck out, but zuffa shills act like it never happened.

Stainypoo site profile image  

8/4/11 1:51 PM by Stainypoo

I was a hallman fan....until i heard him defending the trt, cheaters!

ophusker site profile image  

8/4/11 1:47 PM by ophusker

When he took the steriods they were against the rules and he knew they were against the rules. So I don't really give him a free pass because he had a neck injury. He obviously knows what he is talking about when it comes to steriods/TRT. But his opinion is still just his opinion and it's a very biased becuase he benefits greatly from TRT being allowed in MMA. There are others that also know what they are talking about who don't agree with his opinion. He tries to make it out as if eveyone who is against TRT in MMA is ignorant and that isn't true.

OveREEMed A New Butthole site profile image  

8/4/11 12:35 PM by OveREEMed A New Butthole

Who says steroids or TRT are bad?Look at Hendo, he was fast and energetic, that shit works.However in competition it should either be fully allowed and fully and strictly disallowed.

Yelm site profile image  

8/4/11 12:19 PM by Yelm

 For the record when Denns tested positive he was coming off of a neck surgery and had a prescription for the steroids.  His celiac disease is what has caused his low test.  Those bashing him here would get clowned in a debate with him.  He knows wtf he is talking about regarding low test/trt.  I am really looking forward to seeing him fight this Saturday repping the Yelm.

ophusker site profile image  

8/4/11 11:41 AM by ophusker

I think it would be better if guys likle Marquardt and Hallman let the guys that have not been caught on steriods speak up for TRT. When they talk about it all I can think is they screwed up their natural levels by cheating and now they need TRT because of it.

Nomad Nemesis site profile image  

8/4/11 10:35 AM by Nomad Nemesis

his voice is fine. it is just the lisp i have an issue with. I know a speech therapist. Maybe i will be able to get some help for him. that way he won't beat me up for pointing out a fact.

jaseprobst site profile image  

8/4/11 10:17 AM by jaseprobst

Dennis Hallman's from Yelm.He doesn't need to cheat.

goku site profile image  

8/4/11 9:24 AM by goku

Superman is in denial. I guess the CEO of the us anti doping agency is uneducated?

sevr1 site profile image  

8/4/11 9:13 AM by sevr1

I'm pretty sure these guys don't have cancer. They're using it to increase athletic performance. I'm no doctor but I'd also bet that most of these guys who haven't done steroids have low test levels due to overtraining.