Ochocinco: GSP, I'll f--- him up. Not gonna lose to no Canadian

source: tapout.com

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daglord site profile image  

8/4/11 8:43 PM by daglord

this is hardly thread worthy. chad being chad.nothing to see here.

MattyECB site profile image  

8/4/11 8:38 PM by MattyECB

It's true, anytime GSP fights a big bad American he loses and badly...

MattyECB site profile image  

8/4/11 8:36 PM by MattyECB

He's not being sarcasting like some ppl have said, but theres also no way he's believes this. I mean cmon, the dude also called out AS. He's just having a fucking laugh, acting big, and really, acting like a proper tapout representative. He should be giving MMA some nods and keeping up the same type of personality of a man who would legally change his name to the spanish version of his jersey number, then fuck it up since he was too stupid to google translate eighty five. It's all fun and games with a little psycopathic ego and low IQ mixed into it

Snappy Whistleteeth site profile image  

8/4/11 6:48 PM by Snappy Whistleteeth

Here's an idea, try to be good at football again you attention whoring douchebag...

mugatu site profile image  

8/4/11 6:44 PM by mugatu

 dude's delusional or begging for attention again

grplgame site profile image  

8/4/11 5:45 PM by grplgame

Yea because he really laid and prayed in his last fights. It's funny how a guy does the complete opposite of what people hassle him about and.....

Chuckles site profile image  

8/4/11 5:30 PM by Chuckles

Wow, I didn't know Ochocinco was mentally handicapped.That makes his accomplishments seem much more impressive.Good on him.

sssfRyan site profile image  

8/4/11 5:18 PM by sssfRyan

Ochocinco is obnoxious...but harmless

GUNGFU BRUCE site profile image  

8/4/11 4:47 PM by GUNGFU BRUCE

TAPOUT PROPAGANDA!!! stick with MMA and let the NFL do there own thing. Sign fighters not wanna be fighters.

Kalin Johnston site profile image  

8/4/11 4:33 PM by Kalin Johnston

Why are MMA fans so anal? One of the reasons I've been fading away from the industry. Chad is a good dude and having some fun. Laugh at his sarcasm.