Overeem & Dana want Overeem in the UFC

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Alistair Overeem wants in the UFC.

"Listen. There's two people ranked currently above me, and they're both in the UFC. Of course I wanna go to the UFC. I mean, I wanna fight the top competition. These guys (those ranked higher than Overeem) are there. It's not up to me. It's up to: 'Does the UFC want me?' I'm willing to go wherever the top guys are."


Dana White wants Alistair Overeem in the UFC.

"Yes, I would love to have Alistair Overeem in the heavyweight division. If we can come to a deal and we can make this happen and we can pay Alistair Overeem his check when he fights and he can pay Golden Glory, then absolutely we can do a deal."


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Eric Bloodaxe site profile image  

8/8/11 7:07 AM by Eric Bloodaxe

So there's only one possible explanation apart from Dana's, which is obviously yours? I do believe there's more to it than who gets paid, and obviously UFC chose to put the pressure on GG for whatever reason. Possibly because there's a conflict of interest between very one-sided UFC contracts and GG operations, which have traditionally meant that GG has a lot more influence than they'll have dealing with Zuffa.It is still a fact that GG will have to pay taxes as a company. If GG receives money from the UFC and pays some of it to Overeem under the table, naturally their reported costs will be lower than actual costs. Which will lead to an annual result which is better than the actual result. Which will lead to more taxes than they should've paid based on actual numbers.I'm sure their auditor would be curious about where the money they paid under the table went too. And it would be illegal for both Overeem and GG to handle business like that.I'm just saying your theory at this point is a bit simplified, and your last post didn't change that.

JoeHurley site profile image  

8/7/11 3:10 PM by JoeHurley

Okay, believe what you want.  It's all a silly pissing match over who gets paid with nothing really behind it.  GG is willing to have their fighters get cut rather than have the paycheck directly to the fighters for no good reason and there's no ulterior motive. 

EckY site profile image  

8/7/11 2:31 PM by EckY

LOL, you clearly don't watch K-1.Badr fought 3 times in a night 2 weeks before he fought Overeem the first time, then flew back to Japan without having done any training to fight Overeem as he thought it would be an easy win, he underestimated Overeem and paid the price. Watch the rematch to see how what happens when both prepared.

fiercedragon site profile image  

8/7/11 11:10 AM by fiercedragon


Eric Bloodaxe site profile image  

8/7/11 10:18 AM by Eric Bloodaxe

Companies pay taxes as well. If GG receive money from the UFC and pay their fighters more than they report, they'll end up with inflated earnings and more taxes than they should pay as a result.

JohnnyChrist site profile image  

8/6/11 1:19 PM by JohnnyChrist

Man Mauro is awful at his job.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

8/6/11 12:52 PM by MMALOGIC

I gaurantee one thing...Every tom, dick and harry is calling overeem right now trying to get in his ear to become his new agent.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

8/6/11 12:52 PM by MMALOGIC

If Ken Pavia wasnt exiled from the UFC he would be camped outside overeems house right about now.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

8/6/11 12:48 PM by MMALOGIC

GG would have to greatly diminish their influence in order for this to happen... These guys are used to re-negotiating after every fight. Are they willing to just sign and let go? that's a big if.Zuffa contracts are tight and they cant play any games... this is the biggest reason why M1 never did business with the UFC - because their influence would have greatly diminished.Unless overeem finds new management it's going to be a very tough dynamic to work out.

crazydave site profile image  

8/6/11 12:25 PM by crazydave

 Perfect matchup.