Belfort criticized for back of the head blows

by Jonathan Snowden | source:

Vitor Belfort vs Yoshihiro Akiyama, UFC 133:


Vitor Belfort vs Rich Franklin, UFC 103:

In his triumphant return to the Octagon against Rich Franklin back at UFC 103, Vitor Belfort finished former UFC champion Rich Franklin,  landing a series of illegal or quasi legal punches.

Belfort, again last night, showed no concern for his grounded opponent. Bloody Elbow's Brent Brookhouse makes a strong point that Akiyama could have avoided the issue by not being knocked down on his face. I agree that Belfort was well on his way to victory - legitimately. That said, a fighter shouldn't have to worry about defending against illegal techniques. The back of the head is off limits and officials, like it or not, are going to have to start enforcing the rules.

It's hard for linebackers to pull up once the quarterback has let go of the ball - but they do it. It's hard for boxers not to land that one extra shot after the bell rings - but we expect them to. In the real world, we ask our soldiers to uphold certain standards of conduct - even in life or death circumstances.

The rules are in place to protect fighters. Ignoring them, even for what seems like a good reason, is the slippery slope to disaster.

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Perturbation site profile image  

8/12/11 2:39 PM by Perturbation

I doesn't seem to get mentioned in other articles. For example, at UFC 130, it is mentioned that Struve is suspended two monthes for a KO, but not that he needs to get a neurological exam. UFC 131, Yves Edwards also only got 45 days after they had to scrape him off the canvas, and there is no mention of a neurological exam

Diesel67 site profile image  

8/12/11 2:34 PM by Diesel67

 Every has to get a neruological exam after a KO.

Perturbation site profile image  

8/11/11 9:44 PM by Perturbation

What makes this worse is that Akiyama has to undergo a neurological exam for possible head injuries after that is going to get hurt if fighters like Vitor are allowed to tee off on the back of someones head like this.

JediJitsu site profile image  

8/11/11 9:41 PM by JediJitsu

This. If shit like this is such a tear jerker for people, watch another fucking sport. Preferably a non contact sport.

Lahzerous site profile image  

8/11/11 7:14 PM by Lahzerous

he swung right at the back of his head the last 4 punch's 3 landed he won the fight but thats just messed up man

Immaculata site profile image  

8/9/11 6:53 PM by Immaculata

He was KO'd you're right, but Fedor's face/head was turned to the left and wasn't stopped at that very second so Dan got to hit him a couple of times. When a fighter "turns" his head and gets hit whether or not he's KO'd or not it's not an "Illegal" blow. It's the Referees job to get in there on time and sometimes the action is so fast that a Ref can't get in there fast enough. Same with Vitor here, he's not a dirty fighter.

Eveready site profile image  

8/8/11 12:07 PM by Eveready

Probably the most stupid post in the thread, and I don't think I even need to explain why.

To Quit Does Not Exist site profile image  

8/8/11 11:03 AM by To Quit Does Not Exist

lol wow some of you guys will take to the UG to whine about anything and everything after a fight. It was a fight and a heat of the moment type deal.I highly doubt Vitor is intentionally trying to hurt someone and hit them in the back of the head,sexy was falling,vitor was sliding,and it all happend in a matter of seconds.

Maloverde site profile image  

8/8/11 8:30 AM by Maloverde

Those shots look like they are striking the ear.  Is that illegal now?  

Orion site profile image  

8/8/11 3:26 AM by Orion

Haven't read the entire thread but the McDonald/Pyle fight also deserves a mention....


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