The mystery of where was Brittney Palmer?

by Gene Mrosko | source:

Once again, though, speculation has run rampant thanks to the fact that Palmer wasn't in attendance at the UFC 133 weigh-ins nor did she work the event itself one night later.

Oh where, oh where did Brittney go?

Thankfully, yours truly is on the case and dug up some video of Megan Olivi asking White exactly just what the deal is with Palmer's absence. His answer is rather unsatisfying:

"Nothing happened with Brittney Palmer. It's one of those situations where Brittney has moved on to other things. She's living in L.A. now, she wants to be an artist, she's going to art school and she has a great relationship with us. She's still doing stuff with us but it gets so crazy because this is one of those sports where the fans are into everything and I have no problem talking about anything. How disgusting (Dennis Hallman's) shorts were, what happened with me and Tito, all this stuff I'm cool talking about. But sometimes people want to do their own things and don't want to make a big deal about it and when people ask me, listen... her dream is to be an artist and she's chasing her dream, she's going out to L.A., she's in art school out there; there's no problem with Brittney and Brittney is still friendly with the UFC. It's all good."

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Chomas site profile image  

8/8/11 7:21 PM by Chomas


AmericanPsychoMMA site profile image  

8/8/11 6:57 PM by AmericanPsychoMMA

 That can only last so long.  If Brittney stops working for the UFC within a year people will forget about her and her art.  Guys will just move on to the next hottest girl out there. 

WinningEdgeKB site profile image  

8/8/11 6:50 PM by WinningEdgeKB

Good for her to do what she's passionate about; hope she'll be a quest ring girl occasionally.

DiscipleDojo site profile image  

8/8/11 6:45 PM by DiscipleDojo

 Art school is going to be brutal for her unless she really drops off the radar for a while and concentrates on learning the basics. Art school snobs hate anything that has to do with mainstream celebrity, and her work will get shredded in critique I'm willing to bet. Unless art school in LA is totally different from art school everywhere else that is! :)

sacredhate site profile image  

8/8/11 4:15 PM by sacredhate

agree with everything but the "she's got some talent" part...of course i was assuming that the 'talent' you were referring to was in art.

KevinMcAllister site profile image  

8/8/11 4:13 PM by KevinMcAllister

well atleast we dont have to hear her fanboys talk about how hot she is.shes an 8/10 at any big city bar, and you all fuckin know it.

nastarovya site profile image  

8/8/11 1:45 PM by nastarovya


JRemy site profile image  

8/8/11 1:25 PM by JRemy

Her art's not horrible, but the only reason people are paying $250-500 or whatever for prints is because she's hot and somewhat famous (in the male demographic of mma fans at least). There are thousands of artists with more skill that probably went to legit art schools and spent their entire lives devoted to art that struggle to sell original paintings for a profit, but she will probably make a decent amount now off a hobby that she started a few months ago and suddenly decided it was her dream to be an artist because she knows people will buy it.

Combat Vette site profile image  

8/8/11 1:07 PM by Combat Vette

Hopefully her art dream includes posing in Playboy magazine.

Humphrey site profile image  

8/8/11 12:08 PM by Humphrey

it's called knowing your place. her 'art' is horrible.