Pro Elite not on verge of new deal with CBS / Showtime


Thompson vehemently denied a Cage Potato report that the organization was close to signing a TV deal with Viacom to broadcast its events on CBS and Showtime in the near future.

"There is absolutely no truth to the report that we are close to a deal with CBS and Showtime," he said.

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Cyril Jeff site profile image  

8/9/11 10:34 AM by Cyril Jeff

 Viacom aslo owns MTV and SPIKE, this could get wacky...

Steve4192 site profile image  

8/9/11 9:51 AM by Steve4192

LOL at not understanding the difference between book value and profit. The IFL had a book value over a billion dollars at one point. Fat lot of good it did them.Just because your stock goes up $12MM does not mean you have earned $12MM. That $12MM can evaporate just as quickly as it appeared. The only way you can lock in that $12MM is to sell the stock, and guess what would happen to the stock price if CBS suddenly decided to cash in all their shares. They'd be back down into penny stock territory before the transaction closed (assuming the transaction was even possible, which it probably isn't).

ReX13 site profile image  

8/9/11 9:08 AM by ReX13

EXCUSE ME SIR i maintain NO LESS than freshman high school humor standards.  Meet me by the bike rack after gym and answer for your vile calumnies, or the whole of the UG will know the reason why!

Magic8 site profile image  

8/9/11 3:00 AM by Magic8

They didn't cut Fedor.   They offered him a new deal and he turned it down.

smoogy site profile image  

8/9/11 2:56 AM by smoogy

 Thread has become a fucking nightmare for CP!

MMALOGIC site profile image  

8/9/11 2:48 AM by MMALOGIC

Somebody is trying to pump and dump a stock and this somebody son'd cagepotato into think he was reporting a real story...

Magnum TA site profile image  

8/9/11 2:29 AM by Magnum TA

 Nothing gets past T Jay Thompson - man of leisure

GnerdyPersianDoof site profile image  

8/9/11 2:08 AM by GnerdyPersianDoof

LOL, CagePotato, the beacon of journalistic credibility. At least there was actually some humor & creativity to be found there before the current staff took over.Now, it's just cringe inducing kindergarten level attempts at humor, and shoddy, hack journalism. The epitome of why blogs have a bad name overall.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

8/9/11 1:26 AM by MMALOGIC

I just read your article and your estimation is completely wrong. You're saying for every dollar the stock price raises they make 12 million? Is this what your source told you? You've been trolled.Per your article there are 60 million outstanding shares which represents only 5% of the total (stratus owns 95%). CBS owns 20% of the outstanding shares which amounts to 1% of the total.If what you're saying is true... that for every dollar the stock goes up CBS makes 12 million... that would mean Stratus makes 1.2 billion.Are your lightbulbs going off? Do you think that makes sense? if for every dollar CBS makes 12 million that would also have to mean that the value of the stake that Stratus Media Group owns would go up 1.2 billion for every dollar increase in the stock price.Cmon son. you were trolled with this nonsense.

xcouturefan site profile image  

8/9/11 12:40 AM by xcouturefan

MMALOGIC has no logic