Bas Rutten speculates on Zuffa vs. Golden Glory situatuion


Many people have been asking MY view on what happened with StrikeForce and Golden Glory. Finally, after hearing from the fans and fighters involved, I thought to write what I though.

First thing we heard was: “Dana said that it was the problem from GG management, that they don’t want the checks directly to go to the fighters”. But then there is suddenly a picture from Marloes Coenen’s check on the Internet with her name on it, a check that she cashed herself.

Some will ask, “Why does GG do business like this?” Well, it’s for their own protection of course, but it probably started because some checks from Japan started to bounce from some organizations. And if they didn’t bounce, the fighters would be able to get them cashed 6 or 8 weeks later. Since fighters want their money right away, and GG loves their fighters, they said “No problem, we pay the fighters from our OWN money, pay their trainers and sparring partners, and then when the money comes in, we simply deduct everything from the check that is paid, this way everybody get’s paid”.
I know for a fact, 100% true, that they STILL need to get money from some organizations. The fighters got paid, but GG didn’t because they paid the fighters out of their own money. And some people say that they are crooks? Please explain this to me, who else, what management, give me one name, does this?

As a fighter, this would be something really cool, but even more for the trainers, because, ask trainers how many times they get paid by their fighters? You will be amazed with how many do NOT. I know fighters who became World champion in big organizations, even the UFC, and they never, yes, you read this good, NEVER, paid their trainer (OK, I might be wrong 1 or 2 times from the at least 10 or 15 times, but I am pretty sure I am not wrong). It sickens me and I would love to mention names, but out of respect of their coaches, I won’t. I hope those fighters read this, so they know that I know.

Anyway, these problems don’t exist at GG, at least not when the management is taking care of this.

So we know now why GG does this. And of course when GG heard that the UFC wanted to pay their fighters directly, and that they otherwise didn’t want to do business, GG right away said “OK, no problem”. And that’s why you saw that check from Marloes Coenen popping up.

So what is the real reason then that they let the fighters go?

Well, because we don’t have an answer now, I started speculating and thinking about everything, that’s something you do when you don’t have answers.

The truth is, I don't exactly know, but what I DO know is that Alistair Overeem was in a beautiful spot. When he would win the tournament, his contract would be over and that would put him in a really good spot.

That's about the same situation as I had in Pancrase. I had ONE more fight on the contract, and Pancrase waited for that moment and then put Funaki against me. They thought: "Funaki beat him before, he will do it again, and when that happens, we have Bas in a perfect position for the new contract".

But, that all fell through because I beat Funaki, and now I, not them, was holding the power to negotiate.

Similar position for Alistair, IF he would win his last fight on the contract of course.

You heard from Alistair that he went into the Werdum fight with an injury, and that Scott Coker knew this and told Alistair he HAD to fight, and if he would do that for him, he would give him time to "heal up" after the Werdum fight. "No worries, late fall is gonna be the finals", is what was said to Alistair, his trainer and management

Now, they suddenly changed the date, I believe it was because it fell on the same day as another event, but whatever the reason was (it doesn't really matter), Alistair was promised late fall, NOT early September.

Oh, and for people who wondered about this: why didn't Alistair tell the people he was injured right after his "not Alistair like" performance against Werdum? Because then the people could have understood why he was "off", right?

The reason of that is that Alistair hates people who look for excuses. He even said that Remy Bonjanski deserved an Oscar after he complained about a fight he lost; he also had hard words for Badr Hari when he complained why he lost against Alistair. So the last thing that Alistair wants to do, is be like the guys who he said looked for excuses. Otherwise people are gonna say “He’s complaining about those people, but he’s exactly the same!”

Now, the Big Foot fight, is probably the most important fight in his career, you don't think that he wants to be without injuries before he fights a guy like that? Especially after fighting with an injury and not able to perform as usual. (he could have lost the fight against Werdum because of it).

And talking about injuries, why didn't StrikeForce ask for his medicals? Could it be because they already knew he was injured? Or did they simply want to get him out of that "Golden contract" that he had? I really don’t know what the reason is, but tell me, could it be something else? Because to me, it all looks weird, and you start getting those conspiracy theory's.

Like, could it be that during all the stress of selling the company, StrikeForce didn't realize what they were doing when making this, for Alistair really good, contract?

Or didn't it matter because they were selling the company anyway?

Because the fact that Alistair IS the StrikeForce heavyweight Champion (and only person in the world who holds a K1 World title and not 1, but 2 different MMA World titles), and that he DOES have a legitimate reason not to fight (X Rays plus letters from Doctors), makes me really wonder why they let him go.

And then, (if that's not weird enough), the next week they suddenly let the rest of GG go, Valentijn Overeem, OK, I expected that, he simply didn't fight, but Jon Olav Einemo (who they, by the way, also paid personally) was UFC and not StrikeForce. And Marloes Coenen after losing only her last fight, which was a World title fight they let her go!?

“They don’t like the management from GG”, is what I have been tweeted by MANY fans, and you know what? It really starts to look like this now.

But, then some of you will say, "Kharitanov is still there, they didn't fire him and he is also GG". Yes, that's true, but that could be true because otherwise everybody would have known 100% that it’s a "powerplay", (that’s what they call it on the internet).

Now we simply never "really know" what went on, all we can do is speculate and making conspiracy theories.

But, whatever the reasons are, the fans lose in this situation. Because the chances that Alistair is going to fight in the UFC now, are slim, and I don't know about you, but I would have loved to see Alistair versus Jr Dos Santos, two top strikers in an MMA match, hell yeah!

So let’s hope it get’s fixed!

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fiercedragon site profile image  

8/12/11 8:30 AM by fiercedragon

 exactly what have YOU proven YOU know? 1st you admit you're a child b/c you use the same strenghth in numbers arguement "WE think you're dumb" 2nd i'm still trying to find someone to tell me which pro fighter or athlete lets their agent/manager get paid before them. but no one has really touched that yet. not you,not japbk, no one 3rd no one know exactly why zuffa/gg couldn't come to terms,but zuffa controls THEIR product. if they feel someone isn't gonna play ball they can do whatever they want. is it always right? maybe not, but they're the only successful major mma org. icon,pride,sengoku,ifl,sf,pro elite...all crashed. now millen says m1 is bleeding. so does it make sense for gg to try to do business the zuffa way or for zuffa to go the gg route? 4th whistle isn't coming back. he had an agenda,but now that his faves are losing to mw's and stunt men, he's got nothing...

JayKay site profile image  

8/11/11 12:35 PM by JayKay


Harley site profile image  

8/11/11 12:28 PM by Harley

LOL, no you really can't get strong with anyone about MMA knowledge because anyone who has been here awhile and who really knows there stuff knows that you do not really know your stuff when it comes to MMA at all.And if that were really whistleblower's account he probably would have owned you even worse, like he usually does, LOL. That's probably why you seem all butt hurt about him now and keep bringing him up. Oh no, I must be whistleblowers account too! :)Feircedragon I'm not saying your a bad guy in real life or that you have no right to your ignorant opinion, but why do you think it is that really knowledgable people here almost never believe you when you try to say you know what you are talking about when it comes to MMA?Every one here already knows what yours and orcus's opinions are going to be on subjects like Zuffa or Fedor before they even read your post. Why do you think no one takes you seriously?Of course you side with Zuffa no matter what, no matter how, every time. Do you really in your heart believe that Zuffa firing Marlose was really all about 100% pure hearted Zuffa trying to protect the fighters and had nothing to do with there problems with Alistair's negotiations??? What a coincidence :)

fiercedragon site profile image  

8/11/11 11:24 AM by fiercedragon

 jbapk doesn't know and has no idea what he's talking about.

Young Hef site profile image  

8/10/11 6:11 PM by Young Hef

It doesn't necessarily mean that GG made an exception. They wanted it one way and Zuffa wouldn't do it. Reem fought and GG went to get "their" check. It was written to Reem. What could GG do? Not accept it, and try to sue. They'd have to pay out of pocket for lawyer's fees, court costs, etc. And if they somehow won, good luck getting that money in the next 5 years. Or they could pull Marloes from her fight, miss out on thousands of dollars, forfeit the title, and breach their contract. They had to "make an exception"DFW said "The reality is we were trying to work out new deals with these guys, and they won't do it. They said, 'You absolutely can't pay the fighters.'. But he's probably just lying again because GG came out and said...

Young Hef site profile image  

8/10/11 5:50 PM by Young Hef

Why do they want the check to go to their managers? So their trainers, etc. get paid? If they want to make sure everyone gets paid... PAY THEM. How hard is that?Obviously a check cuted by Zuffa isn't going to bounce. SWIDT?And international fighters can set up an account at Zuffa's bank, which somehow helps them get their money much quicker than 6-8 weeks. I have no more details on that and don't feel like looking it up, but are those the only reasons why they want GG to get the check?

Granpa site profile image  

8/10/11 5:05 PM by Granpa

Bas is correct. The real losers here are the fans. So much for Dana's claim that "we want to put the fights fans want to see". BULLSHIT Dana. If you did you wouldn't have dropped Overeem, or Fedor (yes Fedor has been exposed, but he's still exciting. Never seen a boring Fedor fight and as a fan, if he's fighting, I want to see him).

Anti JR site profile image  

8/10/11 4:38 PM by Anti JR

I wish Bas would name the scum bag fighters who stiff their trainer.

jbapk site profile image  

8/10/11 4:34 PM by jbapk

Actually he added a great deal of context to why GG fighters want the check to go to their managers first which had been disputed here.He also pointed out what everybody being honest already knew, which was the payment issue was a cover for why they cuted the GG fighters.

jbapk site profile image  

8/10/11 4:32 PM by jbapk

Why does it matter what fighters will or will not have the checks sent to their managers? We know the GG fighters received their checks directly. So either Zuffa breached their contracts, or it wasn't the big deal Zuffa claimed to be.If you stay around long enough you might finally have something interesting to say.