Hardy, Lytle both ready to scrap

by Matt Erickson | source: mmafighting.com

"Regardless of where the fight goes, I just don't want a boring fight," Hardy (23-9, 1 NC, 4-3 UFC) said. "There are a lot of wrestlers out there that use their wrestling really well in MMA – they use it aggressively, they win fights with it. Jim (Miller) is a great example. I just don't want a boring fight, and I don't think Chris has got that in him."

And for his part, Lytle (30-18-5, 9-10 UFC) said Hardy has nothing to worry about.

"They picked Dan and I to be the main event, and let me tell you something," Lytle said. "They didn't pick me and Dan to be there to put on a boring fight. So if you think I'm going to try to sit there and get him on the ground and hold him down for 15 minutes and then dry hump him, that's not going to happen."

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Recent Comments »

Bobby Sparkle site profile image  

8/10/11 7:13 PM by Bobby Sparkle

Really want Dan to win and for both guys to remain in the UFC.

ipswichross site profile image  

8/10/11 6:05 PM by ipswichross

Hopefully the result will be more like the Hardy v Marcus Davis fight....... Minus the sulking animosity from the loser. Always a fan of Lytle, no matter what. A game fighter that loves to fight and entertain the fans, and also a fireman (firefighter, for you yanks) as a day job. Outstanding fella.But my loyalty is with The Outlaw on this one, for obvious reasons .......and as Frobenius stated, I really don't want to see him cut.But if this is a FOTN performance (very likely in my humble opinion!), and Hardy loses, he could still be around. Cos as DFW jr himself said...."I fuckin love that guy............." ( Hopefully he just forgot to add the "No Homo" at the end of his sentence!!)

orcus site profile image  

8/10/11 5:44 PM by orcus

 These guys better go balls to the wall to justify headlining over Miller/Henderson.  If this ends up being another Lytle/Marcus Davis, I'm gonna rage!

ipswichross site profile image  

8/10/11 5:03 PM by ipswichross

Hardy gotta be real careful here. I like the guy, but sometimes think that he talks too much to the press about wanting to stand and trade etc. Rumble punked him proper last time out.Lytle is a wily vet ya know..........he may well say he wants to trade, have a war etc, but look at his win against Brian Foster in Sydney. He won't hesitate to give The Outlaw the same treatment given half a chance. I am sure of that..........

Soul Gravy site profile image  

8/10/11 3:59 PM by Soul Gravy

"I'd actually love it if it goes the distance and is Lytle trying to sub Hardy. This "we gonna stand and bang. Don't care if I win as long as it's exciting" gets old. The goal should be to win. It's a fight so the goal should be stop or sub them AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. See, no boring fights and you are concerned with a win. Treat it like a street fight in that you want it over with. I've not seen a street fight yet where they touch hands, circle and jab repeatedly or back away. It doesn't have to be Toughman. It just has to be a FIGHT. "Bullshit. The goal is to be exciting, whether it's standing up or on the ground.

MattyECB site profile image  

8/10/11 3:05 PM by MattyECB

I loved Ebersole talking to Helwani about the cartwheel kick, Lytle was one of the only ppl he could do it to so readily since he's so proud and loves boxing XDMost ppl would pull what Anthony did to Hardy, which is fair game and Hardy's fault for sucking balls his entire career at wrestling, but still, something special about a man so consumately dedicated to scrapping. I feel like Hardy does it out of love, but also largely necessity, Lytle just fucking loves to get punched XDHope he has a good showing too, was sad to hear he was kinda messed up for his last fight, and it would certainly xplain how underwhelming it was. Wanna see him end his career with a bang, hope he gets this win!

BuyTheTicketTakeTheRide site profile image  

8/10/11 1:23 PM by BuyTheTicketTakeTheRide

Hardy and Lytle are both unbelievably hard to KO, both very technical, and they both love to swing. This HAS to be amazing...  

Frobenius site profile image  

8/10/11 1:14 PM by Frobenius

 WAR HARDY.  Should be a good fight, I like Lytle but I don't want to see Dan cut so hoping he wins.

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

8/10/11 1:04 PM by Chimonos Revenge

Can't wait for this fight!