Belfort: Akiyama KO wasn't by illegal strikes

source: There has been some controversy that your finish of Akiyama may have included illegal strikes to the back of the head towards the end of the fight. Do you feel that it's possible that there may have been some unintended strikes?

Vitor Belfort: "In the heat of the fight maybe a strike can go to the wrong spot, but in this fight [with Akiyama] it wasn't the case for the knock out. The referee was very close watching everything. Looking back it was only one strike to the back of the head, the other was on the side, its a fight and things like this happen sometimes unintentionally."

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HexRei site profile image  

8/11/11 12:09 PM by HexRei

True, but you don't have to turn. For example, Serra vs GSP 1, Serra hit GSP in the back of the head but it was a result of GSP ducking and not something Serra could have planned or intended.

Allyooken site profile image  

8/11/11 12:07 PM by Allyooken

LOL, you guys are idiots, with this back of the head nonsense. How fast does vitor punch? I am sure they were unintentional regardless if they hit in the back of the head or not.A better question to ask if we all care about the well-being of Sexy is what the hell was the UFC thinking putting this match up together?Sexy comes in, and barely wins against Belcher, then loses to Leben and Bisping and they decide OK, time for him to fight Vitor? WTF?This was one one of the wrost match ups put together by the UFC.

Roidie McDouchebag site profile image  

8/11/11 1:17 AM by Roidie McDouchebag

It's medically dangerous to get hit, period. If you believe you're in danger, TAP...if you take one shot to the back of the head, the ref should start warning YOU to protect yourself and as soon as you take two shots, call the fight.Eye gouging was never legal, WTF are you talking about? And bringing back groin strikes wouldn't bug me's not like it's hard to protect your balls.

Russell Schenck site profile image  

8/10/11 10:33 PM by Russell Schenck

I like Belfort but those were illegal shots big time. I knew it when he threw them live. I was shocked the ref did not dq him immediatley. One of them was to back of neck and head. Blatant, thats how someone gets killed. He did the same thing to Franklin. Both KO's were from shots to back of head. Akiyama was face down and Belfort punched straight to the back of head. Akiyama did not turn into a punch that was being thrown at ear or face. Say what you want watch the vid. KO by illegal strikes to back of head...

eljamaiquino site profile image  

8/10/11 9:33 PM by eljamaiquino

It's even harder Not to if you plant your other forearm on the back of his skull, basically immobilizing the guy's head.

pulsar site profile image  

8/10/11 9:31 PM by pulsar

Is this a joke? Vitor molests Akiyama 10 times out of 10. Don't be foolish.

likatiga site profile image  

8/10/11 9:22 PM by likatiga

Your name is so fucking appropriate. Is it a lifetime SN loss?Why stop at back of the head strikes? May as well bring back groin strikes, small joint manipulation, eye gouging and the squirrel grip.

BuddyRevell site profile image  

8/10/11 8:37 PM by BuddyRevell

Back mount would lead to near-100% finishes. If it wasn't medically dangerous for the person getting hit, I'd be all for it.  

DoomFarmer site profile image  

8/10/11 8:18 PM by DoomFarmer

Count how many times the word "clearly" appears in this thread.

Roidie McDouchebag site profile image  

8/10/11 8:11 PM by Roidie McDouchebag

Back of the head strikes should be legal.