Diaz brothers team up with Olympic gold medalist Andre Ward

source: http://www.diazbrothers.com

Nick and Nathan Diaz will be joining the camp of Olympic Gold Medalist, Andre Ward. Ward will be fighting in the finals of the “Super Six Tournament” against Carl Froch on the same night that Nick Diaz is set to fight UFC Champion, Georges St. Pierre. Nick and Andre have sparred infrequently for the past 10 years with each man acheiving immense success in their respective sport. This be the first time the two fighters collaborate to spar frequently in an official camp.

In the history of boxing and mma, this will mark the first time two champions from these sports have teamed up together. Spike television’s Primetime show and Showtime’s Barker show will undoubtedly put the spotlight on this collaboration.

“I know that Georges is training with Freddie Roach but I doubt he’s sparring Pacquiao. Nick will be sparring frequently with Ward and I think it will help him tremendously.” -Cesar Gracie


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diggity site profile image  

8/14/11 12:24 AM by diggity

andre ward is slick and elusive. good training partner for ND. can't wait for this fight. GSP knows he needs a finish, another decision will cost him.

BrockTheBearLesnar site profile image  

8/13/11 7:20 PM by BrockTheBearLesnar


Forssberg site profile image  

8/13/11 6:09 PM by Forssberg

GSP has been sparring boxing world chanps for years.

TheTFC site profile image  

8/13/11 6:06 PM by TheTFC

GSP has 1 way he may win: DecisionDiaz has 3 ways he may win: TKO, Submission or Decision.I predict Diaz by...I don't know...but Diaz.

PoundforPound site profile image  

8/13/11 5:59 PM by PoundforPound

This is great for Nick Diaz, but I hope Andre Ward has better sparring partners coming in. :/He's got to get sharp for Carl Froch.

mmanthebay site profile image  

8/13/11 1:49 PM by mmanthebay

2) training partner that can match/push Wards work ethic and endure the training/sparring

mmanthebay site profile image  

8/13/11 1:47 PM by mmanthebay

Developing more strength in the clinch...

chroniccomics5 site profile image  

8/13/11 1:44 PM by chroniccomics5

word, Nick should enter to Lynch and shit all over whatever French rap GSP comes out to...

Riley Freeman site profile image  

8/13/11 1:38 PM by Riley Freeman

GSP needs his ass whooped asap!

TopGrinder site profile image  

8/13/11 1:19 PM by TopGrinder

Diaz bros need to keep it real and walk out to some cbo or lynch for fuck sakes