Hardy: 'I can beat him wherever the fight goes'

source: ufc.com

"I feel like it doesn’t matter what Chris comes in to do now, I can beat him wherever the fight goes." - Dan Hardy

This is Dan Hardy at 29. Still “The Outlaw,” still alive in the UFC welterweight division, yet still wondering how to right his ship after three consecutive losses. These days, fighters can get cut after three losses; some get released after two defeats, and there are even those who are one and done in the Octagon.

But there’s something about this young man from Nottingham, England, a spark, a charisma, an idea that there’s more to him than his 4-3 UFC record. And these were no slouches that handed him a trio of setbacks over the last 17 months – welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, top contender Carlos Condit, and rising star Anthony Johnson.

A loss is a loss though, and the oft-repeated storyline for his Sunday main event bout against Chris Lytle is that a loss may be disastrous for Hardy’s future in the UFC. He’s not shying away from it, stating that “this is definitely a back against the wall situation.” Yet at the same time, he’s not letting it cripple him mentally in the time leading up to the opening bell.

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blueheron20816 site profile image  

8/13/11 4:27 PM by blueheron20816

Im not sure if I necissarily agree with it either but the argument is certainly there. To scoff at it is just ignorant. Dont get me wrong, I am not a GSP fan, root against him more often than not, but the fact is the guy has outwresled multiple all americans and an NCAA national champion. Id say thats put him at the very top in terms of MMA wrestlers. Name someone else who has destroyed elite, top contender wrestlers at their own game.

X_Rated site profile image  

8/13/11 3:31 PM by X_Rated

Lol at best wrestler in MMA okay there skippy McGee....

X_Rated site profile image  

8/13/11 3:31 PM by X_Rated

Another LOL at unlucky KO

Leigh site profile image  

8/13/11 3:31 PM by Leigh

Hardy is a technically better striker than Lytle. I don't think he can knock Chris out (I don't think anyone can) but he could out point him, like he did with Marcus Davis.He can not beat Chris on the ground.

voorhees site profile image  

8/13/11 3:29 PM by voorhees

I actually think Royce could beat Hardy.

blueheron20816 site profile image  

8/13/11 3:27 PM by blueheron20816

well ridiculous might be a little far, but if he truly believes what hes saying than hes just delusional. Hardy has said a lot of stuff and recently has not delivered. I do like the guy, but he is dead wrong if he thinks he can hang with lytle on the ground. I think its a moot point though, I really think(and hope) these guys are just gonna go for broke on the feet. If this happens itll be a fun fight for the fans since both are tough as nails.

citysambo site profile image  

8/13/11 1:57 PM by citysambo

1 unlucky KO loss and now he is shit on his feet.2 boring fights against a 230lber and the best wrestler in MMA and he has no ground game. The UG's wisdom never fails to disappoint.

Justinmacd site profile image  

8/13/11 1:53 PM by Justinmacd

He beats in having gimmick haircuts.

CayleeAnthony'sMemoryLivesOn site profile image  

8/13/11 1:51 PM by CayleeAnthony'sMemoryLivesOn

He can beat him anywhere, except the ground or on his feet. Welcome to a 4 fight losing streak you spunk guzzling, sheep shagging, lime sucking, punkass.

Tzrobson site profile image  

8/13/11 1:46 PM by Tzrobson

Why is showing confidence ridiculous? He's saying that he feels good in all areas.