Volkmann: Lombard punched my face during practice, then I played with him

source: sherdog.com

Controversy seems to find Jacob Volkmann even when he does not seek it out. Preparing for his UFC Live 5 bout with Danny Castillo on Sunday at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Volkmann spent some time at American Top Team, where he had what can only be described as an unfortunate encounter with Bellator Fighting Championships middleweight titleholder Hector Lombard on his third day of practice at the famed gym.

“I was just rolling with the guys; we were getting ready for grappling practice, and Hector asked me to wrestle with him,” Volkmann said. “He’s kind of big, but I wrestled and I know he didn’t wrestle. I didn’t know him at all. I know people said, ‘Just stay away from him when you’re on the feet.’ We did sparring the previous day, and people were, like, ‘Don’t go with that guy. Whatever you do, don’t go with that guy.’ I was, like, ‘Alright,’ but then the next day he asked me to wrestle with him.

“We were hand fighting for probably three minutes, and he karate chops me. I go, ‘OK, I must be irritating him somehow.’ Thirty seconds later, he pushes me back and punches me in the face, no glove on; gave me a bloody nose and some stars. I was a little irritated, although more disappointed than anything. I kind of rolled my eyes and started walking away, and he tried to fight me right there. He lost it, lost a nerve, and somebody came in and stopped it.”

“He told me that I kept on pushing him in the face. I was working his head and trying to get an underhook to try to set up for a shot, so he punched me in the face.”

“I just stayed off his head, so I didn’t shoot,” Volkmann said of the post punch pummeling. “I just underhooked him, and I threw him, pushed him off the mat. Sometimes, I do a throw-by. One time, I [swept] him to his back. I wasn’t going 100 percent because I didn’t want to take him down, because a guy like that, if you take him down, he’s going to spaz, so I just kind of played with him a little bit.”

“He’s got no endurance. He’s got like three minutes of endurance. The secret to beating him is get close, [use] dirty boxing. He’ll get so tired after three minutes, you’ll win.”

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Jsteven site profile image  

8/18/11 1:00 PM by Jsteven

Ill restate this one more time, your reading comprehension is a little challenged.  I never said he should go down in weight, only that he could.  Secondly you made my point for me about marquardt.  He is a huge guy, just like Hector, who was able to make 170.  One more time for you, Hector should not move to 170 unless he begins losing and sees it as a way to get back on top.  However he could make it if he wanted to, just like Nate did.  

rosario00 site profile image  

8/18/11 12:31 PM by rosario00

Lmao you think he's going to say that he feels like shit and it was a big mistake? 90% of the time you move up in weight, you will never come back down unless your career needs a revival.. They move up in weight because they've gotten older, packed on more muscle and filled up their frame.. And Marquadt is a horrible example, he's a guy that is built like a 205er.. Looks huge for a MW, much less a WW

Jsteven site profile image  

8/18/11 11:21 AM by Jsteven

Good comparison Brock losing 60 and a guy the same size as Marquardt, who just made 170 and said he felt great, going back to the same weight he previously fought at.  

rosario00 site profile image  

8/18/11 10:59 AM by rosario00

If Brock lost 60 pounds of muscle, he could make 205.. Wise career move considering he would never beat Cain.. Am I right? Rofl at you

Jsteven site profile image  

8/18/11 10:45 AM by Jsteven

I never said he should please re read my posts.  I was responding to someone saying he couldnt and they were delusional for thinking he could fight at 170 again.  Maybe if he fights good fighters and loses a couple, just like Marquardt did, he would then have motivation for a lifestyle change and drop to 170.  That would be his only reason to do that, as of know he is fighting cans in Bellator and has none.   

ausgepicht site profile image  

8/18/11 10:35 AM by ausgepicht

Until he proves otherwise, as far as I'm concerned he has Belfort mentality. As long as he doesn't have to be in a war, or get tested he will look amazing. As soon as things don't go his way, he will fold.  

jbapk site profile image  

8/18/11 10:32 AM by jbapk

"Neither of those would be wise career moves"Yes that's the point. If he started starving himself Lombard could make 170, right now at his current build he couldn't. The question is why he would do that?

Jsteven site profile image  

8/18/11 10:13 AM by Jsteven

 Neither of those would be wise career moves, although Id like to see Roy try 205.  I dont think Lombard should cut either but he could do it much easier than Roy moving to 170.  Nate is just as big if he can make 170 again and feel good no reason Lombard couldnt also if he wanted to.

jbapk site profile image  

8/18/11 10:09 AM by jbapk

Roy Nelson could make 170 is he started starving himself, and Jose Aldo could make 230 if he ate pizza and beer everyday. Kinda pointless.

Jsteven site profile image  

8/18/11 10:01 AM by Jsteven

 If Nate Marquardt can make 170 again then so can those guys if they wanted to.