Miller, Sadollah suspended indefinitely


Jason Reinhardt; 30 days

Cole Miller; 30 days; right hand injruy

TJ O'Brien; indefinite; rib injury, splint of leg; must be cleared by physician

Alex Caceres; 30 days

Jimy Hetts; 30 days, head laceration

Kyle Noke; indefinite; knee strain, shoulder strain; must be cleared by physician

CB Dollway; indefinite; must be cleared by physician

Amir Sadollah; indefinite; must clear neuro exam

Duana Ludwig; indefinite; must clear neuro exam

Charles Oliveira; 30 days

Jim Miller; indefinite; must be cleared by physician

Ben Henderson; 30 days

Dan Hardy, 30 days


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japetto site profile image  

8/17/11 6:00 PM by japetto

He had to crank, since Noke already showed he wasn't going to tap easily.

MuayTy site profile image  

8/17/11 5:08 PM by MuayTy

it's too bad that noke got hurt but he had time to tap, he got caught in an inverted heelhook and tried to get out thee sub got cranked he should've tapped before he sustained damage

kill joy site profile image  

8/17/11 4:42 PM by kill joy

Noke had plenty of time to tap, the hell are you talking about? He chose not to, it's not like he didn't know what was happening.

sside maurice site profile image  

8/17/11 1:42 PM by sside maurice

This. I don't know what was shown on the broadcast, but Noke was on the ground for quite a while after the fight ended, and it took 2 guys to help him up and out of the cage. Plus, Herman said that he heard it tear, so I assume he'll be out for awhile.

SteelyRes211 site profile image  

8/17/11 12:53 PM by SteelyRes211

When it comes to submissions, you are responsible for your own safety. He could have tapped immediately, but he chose to try and escape. I'm sure that Noke is well aware of how dangerous the inverted heelhook is.

quarcus site profile image  

8/17/11 12:37 PM by quarcus

Note there is a shoulder strain too. That arm bar was sunk as well. Should he have loosened that up too, so he didnt strain his shoulder? Moron

Timtek site profile image  

8/17/11 11:56 AM by Timtek

Check out Ludwig post fight.'m sure Sadollah looked just as bad if not worse.

BigWilliam site profile image  

8/17/11 11:54 AM by BigWilliam

Once again UG news takes a pretty mundane story and tries to make it sound like something big with the headline.

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

8/17/11 11:51 AM by Chimonos Revenge

So Amir and Bang punched each other into Neuro exams?

human1ess site profile image  

8/17/11 11:46 AM by human1ess

Fuck you