GSP: I kind of feel disrespected by Nick Diaz



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J-Tee site profile image  

10/30/11 2:31 AM by J-Tee

 lol great timing

32Hunter site profile image  

10/30/11 2:29 AM by 32Hunter

 and again.

Ansari site profile image  

8/21/11 1:52 AM by Ansari

That sounds awfully personal coming from someone whose feelings were hurt when told that people thought he was dumb... Not to mention someone who's been accused of the same thing, only swap in BJ's name for GSP... But what does it say about you when it's you I'm going back and forth with 90% of the time? Besides, it's fun and easy shooting down the "Georges Safe Pierre" squad over and over, especially when the majority of my time on a computer is paid for... What does Ramadan have to do with anything?

lionsoul site profile image  

8/21/11 12:40 AM by lionsoul

LOL at Ansari... coming to GSPs rescue.. time and time again... How do you have time to eat with GSPs nuts in your mouth all the time?  Must be problematic during Ramadan?  

ender852 site profile image  

8/21/11 12:37 AM by ender852

 keep drinking that kool aid buddy

lionsoul site profile image  

8/21/11 12:27 AM by lionsoul

LOL... sad but true...  

flesheatingbull site profile image  

8/21/11 12:22 AM by flesheatingbull

 if this fight was no time limit, diaz would win. actually, any fight featuring a diaz  bro. would  end in a diaz victory if there was no time limit.

Ansari site profile image  

8/21/11 12:15 AM by Ansari

Stats are well and good, I enjoy using them myself to back up arguments, but they don't hold much weight for you here... GSP was only on top twice in round two and only for 2m9s (43%) of the round. The first time was for 1m30s where he passed guard and went for the mount. Hardy rolled, GSP pounced on his back and sunk in his hooks but got shaken off the top and ended up on his back. Not very "Georges Safe Pierre" of him. The second time in that round that GSP took Hardy down was with only 39s left on the clock, he landed some GnP from guard and tried the can opener but Hardy defended well and the round ended. This is the only time I can find where he might have looked at the clock, which makes sense to know how little time he had to work with. That round spent 2m25s standing (split almost evenly between only two instances) where GSP went 6-12 and Hardy went 0-11 in strikes. That doesn't leave a lot of time for submission attempts... So again, I extend the same offer to you to upload the video of the round if you want. I'm still waiting on your example of GSP LnP'ing...

LayNprayNINJA site profile image  

8/20/11 3:18 PM by LayNprayNINJA

 Nope. You're 100% correct. GSP was passing guard every round, despite Greg's orders. It was round 2 where he was looking up at the clock and didn't attempt any submissions, not 4 or 5. Good job, and I have been pwned.

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

8/20/11 3:16 PM by Chimonos Revenge

When has nick Diaz ever demonstrated class or respect?Gsp shouldn't rake it personally, considering who he is talking about