Serra: Only a small percentage don't use PEDs


Matt Serra was recently interviewed by TapouT Radio, on the subject of PEDs.

“It’s wrong man, it’s really wrong. Let me tell you something. I got to the title without doing anything. I didn’t use anything. Me and BJ Penn are in that small percentage that don’t do s---. There’s a lot of guys that are considered legends, and they’re doing the GH and doing this and that, and it’s obvious, it’s freaking obvious.”

“It’s one thing if you’re fighting for an hour, but you got 15 minutes in there. There’s certain teams out there that look like they got a freaking chemist assigned to them. It’s not that I want to judge anybody, but hey man, I’m fighting these people. Next thing you know you’re in there fighting a guy with unlimited energy that looks like a He-Man figure. I don’t give a s--- if it’s happening in baseball, but when a guy can kick your head off, someone can get hurt. There’s a chance for serious bodily harm.”

“I’m like herpes. I’m not going anywhere. Like Rocky 6, I’ve still got some s--- in the basement.”

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bhealthy site profile image  

8/20/11 2:56 AM by bhealthy

it will be hard for ped use to slow down in ufc when there is so much footage of dana around when his neck was thinner than dental floss. kids watching him on fox will wonder what happened and then go on line and order thier roids

bhealthy site profile image  

8/20/11 2:24 AM by bhealthy

juicers need thier own events and organisations like the special olympics, because they are NOT going away. you dony really believe that any of these roiding bev francis wanna-bes, that were losing in everything they ever tried up until they started TRT, HGH, nandrolone, deer antler velvet, deca, winstrol, are going to stop. no way. there is a high that goes along with creating the temporary illusion that they are no longer betas. legalize and give them their own time slot on fox, call it the chemists corner, and plaster the names of the doctors who write the prescriptions all over the cage instead of harley-davidson and tecate. this is a win-win situation

Roidie McDouchebag site profile image  

8/20/11 2:08 AM by Roidie McDouchebag

I'm not going to accuse anyone of PED use without proof, but the pot and the kettle and the bullshit and...sad

SKARHEAD site profile image  

8/20/11 1:45 AM by SKARHEAD

That's a pretty damn stupid post to make.Tell tale signs of PED use do NOT involve a six pack....Any crackhead and tons of women have six just need low bodyfat.if anything Serra has a six pack and could be accused of PED use himself given his JACKED physique.

Leghound site profile image  

8/20/11 1:22 AM by Leghound


gridlor site profile image  

8/19/11 11:57 PM by gridlor

Serra and BJ think that anyone with a six pack must use steroids. Less pasta and more sit-ups will do the trick for Serra.

Masakatsu Funaki site profile image  

8/19/11 10:45 PM by Masakatsu Funaki

Of course you are Roidie McDouchebag, aren't you?

Kingofny23 site profile image  

8/19/11 10:12 PM by Kingofny23

Will someone please give Matt a reality show!!

daba site profile image  

8/19/11 10:01 PM by daba

He's saying what most rational people believe only he's on the inside of the sport. People that don't think the majority of the top level guys aren't cheating are the same people that believed guys like McGwire, Bonds and A-Rod were clean.

gibboau site profile image  

8/19/11 9:44 PM by gibboau

I'm liking Serra more and more every day since he was on TUF and I couldn't stand him