Bisping says Sonnen acting gay, Mayhem acting gay


sonnench Chael Sonnen
Sonnen v. Stann = Iron Man v. Capt. America. I won't bring the suit if you don't bring the shield, deal?

@bisping to @sonnench
wow, pretty gay shit right there. Just saying.

@Brianruppert to @bisping
Keep talking about @sonnench @bisping meanwhile he's in a #1 contender fight and youre fighting a Strikeforce reject for a reality t.v show

@bisping  to @Brianruppert
whatever, just leave your shield? come on knob scratch, get a sense of humour for crying out loud.

@BeakBeast to @bisping
Nice homophobia, Bisping. You'd make a good Catwoman.

@bisping to @BeakBeast
not homophobic in the slightest.I think its fair to say that the word gay can be used in a variety of ways these days.

heres the link for the do gooders, read the last paragraph bitches, oh shit thats offensive to women and dogs!

@Stuart_Brothers to @bisping
it's not about "do gooders", it's about respect you soft cunt.

@bisping to @Stuart_Brothers
you say its about respect then call me a sof cunt! hahaha, get a haircut, you idiot.

hahaha in all honesty I couldn't give a shit, just passing a little time while my kids eat breakfast.

@patrickdrury to
how queer that someone would criticise you on that last tweet. They have too much time on their hands. ;)

@bisping to @patrickdrury
how queer indeed, lol.

hold on a second, does this mean I cant say ass bandit?

on a serious note, miller got nicked, hope he doesn't give me a ruggie* when we fight.

So miller gets nicked for getting his sister in a headlock, but she escapes. 2 things, thats gay and I guess I don't worry about guillotines.

Read entire twitter... (Chael Sonnen)
Read entire twitter... (Michael Bisping)

*No one knows what a "ruggie" is

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RicePicker site profile image  

8/21/11 4:37 PM by RicePicker

wouldnt sonnen be captain america? since, you know, they're both on the sauce

slugshot331 site profile image  

8/21/11 4:29 PM by slugshot331

 That's exactly what Bisping was doing in that gif lol

Naderhoods-Browneye site profile image  

8/21/11 4:26 PM by Naderhoods-Browneye


StayRad site profile image  

8/21/11 2:40 PM by StayRad

Haha give sonnen a few days and you'll see he's quick witted ? Days being my key word in that sentence

The Engineer site profile image  

8/20/11 11:33 AM by The Engineer

Not a Bisping fan, but when he's getting knocked out or trashing gays, both are good entertainment.

Poindexter site profile image  

8/20/11 11:14 AM by Poindexter

 Bisping is correct in this instance.

jim dwyer site profile image  

8/20/11 9:09 AM by jim dwyer

So Sonnen can say things like "i don't see you changing diapers on flipper babies in Chernoybl." which doesnt get a mention. Yet Bisping uses "gay" and people jump all over it?

tres_equis_666 site profile image  

8/20/11 8:00 AM by tres_equis_666

I'm no black belt but I don't think you can really slap on a triangle on a dude wearing a thick metal suit and choke him