Cesar Gracie: GSP's style is more like 'Ultimate Stalling'

by Kelsey Mowatt | source: fcfighter.com

“The thing is it’s really not my business how he fights; he’s not on my team, so, I truly don’t care how he fights,” said Gracie, while discussing the criticisms St. Pierre has received. “Now if you’re asking me as a fan, yeah, that style is not what I like to watch. I like to watch guys that just go completely for it, take chances, and give crowds what they want, which is ‘Ultimate Fighting,’ not ‘ultimate stalling’ or anything like that.”

“I think he’s going to approach this fight somewhat like the BJ Penn fight,” said Gracie when asked how he believes St. Pierre might approach Diaz in contrast to Shields.  “I think he’ll try to fight Nick the same way where he’ll tie up with him, try to keep him up against the cage, do a little dirty boxing and try to get him arm weary, maybe get some takedowns and see how that goes. He’ll probably be cautious from the top position but try to inflict damage depending on how it’s going.”

“Georges is a great athlete and a pretty smart fighter,” added Gracie. “His athleticism often lets him dictate where the fights going to go, and if he’s comfortable where he can take the finish, without taking too many risks, he will.”

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ajsr site profile image  

8/21/11 4:34 AM by ajsr

Mongos need to read the article before responding.

unfallenstar site profile image  

8/21/11 4:31 AM by unfallenstar

Did you get GSPs sac out of your mouth long enough to even read the interview? Gracie's camp has been on a hot win streak. At least be accurate with your insults.

lionsoul site profile image  

8/21/11 12:44 AM by lionsoul

OK babies - here you go.  Tell me when I ever said GSP isn't one of the best fighters ever? Here you go: (Affirmative Statements about GSP from Lionsoul) - GSP is the Greatest Wrestler in MMA History - GSP is one of the Greatest MMA Fighters in MMA History - GSP is the Greatest Point Fighter in MMA History - GSP is the #2 Welterweight of All-Time in MMA History - GSP is a Top 10 MMA fighter in MMA History How are these not fantastic accolades supporting the Glory of all things GSP.  I think he is one of the best ever...  Happy?   Now - having said that... Cesar Gracie is 100% correct...  

SOO72 site profile image  

8/21/11 12:38 AM by SOO72

Lame misleading quote.

tahoe5280 site profile image  

8/20/11 11:11 PM by tahoe5280

I think its a perfect assessment of GSP's style, but I don't find it boring at all. It's technical. It's cerebral. I'm so tired of that A.D.D. mentality where if both fighters don't immediately sprint at each other, fly through the air and engage in some epic Matrix battle remix then the crowd starts booing. It's like the saying goes---The shit is chess, not checkers.

CoolnDeadly site profile image  

8/20/11 10:26 PM by CoolnDeadly

Cesar Gracie is 100% right. And theres nothting wrong with that. Thats how GSP wins. GSP is a safe fighter. Its no dis-respect. He's the champ. If you like boring fights then have fun watching GSP.

The_Spider site profile image  

8/20/11 10:25 PM by The_Spider

One fight that had someone truly avoiding was Starnes vs Quarry. Every fighter wants a finish, including GSP and his opponents. No one was afraid or waiting to lose or some nonsense like that.

catbath site profile image  

8/20/11 9:28 PM by catbath

MRG1 nailed it. Why aren't these contenders pushing the pace - especially when they've clearly fallen behind? Why not go for broke? The only one who should possibly get a pass is Kos due to his shattered orbital bone.

knuckles2 site profile image  

8/20/11 9:12 PM by knuckles2

Cesar is a fat ass pig...

FR110 site profile image  

8/20/11 6:07 PM by FR110

Haters going to hate