Wand shills toilet paper and other MMA fighter tv endorsements

source: The Underground

Wanderlei Silva for toilet paper in Brazil


Wanderlei and Mark Coleman for Schick razors and aftershave in Japan


Crocop for Schick razors in Japan


 Rampage detecting bulls--- for Boost Mobile


Fedor for an energy drink in Korea


 Fedor for Snickers in Korea


Bob Sapp for Pizza-LA in Japan


 Fedpr Emelianenkof or Forward Sport sportswear in Russia


 Bob Sapp for gummy candy in Japan


Kurt Pellegrino for car security system in the USA


Tito Ortiz for Muscle energy drink in the USA


Ken Shamrock for WWE


Crocop for Boss energy drink in Japan


Crocop for shoes in Croatia


Crocop for Bodymaker sportswear in Japan


 Matt Hughes for Xyience in the USA


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tahoe5280 site profile image  

8/22/11 8:58 PM by tahoe5280

Lol @ Wandy and Coleman crossing swords.And who would have guessed Crocop drinks with his pinky out. Like he's having high tea.

dendawg site profile image  

8/22/11 8:38 PM by dendawg

 Here's mine, someone embedd please : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALziWWLWYpM

TKOhYeah site profile image  

8/22/11 12:26 PM by TKOhYeah


kungfufedor site profile image  

8/22/11 12:07 PM by kungfufedor

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOSKpC8iV3AGSP Gatorade

kungfufedor site profile image  

8/22/11 12:03 PM by kungfufedor

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWhuIj0D_bAChuck liddell...Way of the Brisk

kungfufedor site profile image  

8/22/11 11:44 AM by kungfufedor

^^^THIS ...How could i forget!!!

Master Tang site profile image  

8/22/11 11:38 AM by Master Tang

unless somebody has the very 1st Chuck Liddell Xyience commercial that looked like it had been shot on a local access cable tv channel.

Master Tang site profile image  

8/22/11 11:37 AM by Master Tang

this thread is now complete.

paw site profile image  

8/22/11 11:13 AM by paw

 for laters