Okami: I'm not Chael Sonnen

by Kinya Hashimoto | source: tatame.com

Kinya Hashimoto: The first time you fought, you won by DQ. Do you think Anderson will come motivated for this fight?

Yushin Okami: I won by DQ, but I felt I lost that fight. It's very hard to expect what will happen this time, but I'm sure that both of us are improving in various point. Anderson always fight aggressively so I promise that this fight will be exciting.

KH: Anderson said you faked an injury not to return after the upkick. Did you really felt the kick and had no conditions to return?

YO: There was a damage. There is no point to talk about past things so I don't really care of what people say about last fight. However, that experience made me stronger and as a result I was able to fight in UFC afterwards so I really thank and respect Silva. The word that he says to that I was dressed in damage last is past. I am not dressed. This time I will fight with respect and it will be a chance to show who's the best.

KH: Do you think Chael Sonnen showed a way to beat Anderson Silva, with the Wrestling?

YO: I was expecting that Chael will be able to take Silva down, but never thought he will overwhelm by using his mixed technique of boxing and wrestling. That looked really effective and it is great reference, but I'm not Chael so I should use my own skill and technique which will be able to use my physical effectively.

KH: What do you expect from the UFC Rio card?

YO: There's a lot of Brazilian fighters, so it's sure to be an exciting event. Silva is never defeated, everyone knows how tough he is. There will be tons of Silva fans at the event, but if I show everything I have and if the audience had satisfaction with the fight, they will have respect on both of us, even if I win. I'll do my best to prove my power and convince the MMA fans in Brazil.

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StayRad site profile image  

8/23/11 6:05 PM by StayRad

Almost spat my coffee out reading that LOLZ

GoldMedaLInTapping(R) site profile image  

8/23/11 5:57 PM by GoldMedaLInTapping(R)

Lol He can't find a way to express how tough he thinks Anderson is.

ackack site profile image  

8/23/11 5:42 PM by ackack

Yeah, but is he tough?

diggity site profile image  

8/23/11 5:33 PM by diggity

Anderson's greatest asset is his toughness. that dude is tough as nails. considering what a jedi he is, that's pretty tough.


8/23/11 5:08 PM by K-Dub-"T"

Always mad respect for Okami.  

ShaqNoob site profile image  

8/23/11 4:50 PM by ShaqNoob

"I am not dressed."-Dennis Hallman

Cya site profile image  

8/23/11 4:48 PM by Cya


sunnyko site profile image  

8/23/11 4:45 PM by sunnyko

Holyshit mad respect for okami after this interview.

Immaculata site profile image  

8/23/11 4:42 PM by Immaculata

Can't wait. I want the Brazillians to do well. I think Silva will pull it off. I'm more worried for Big Nog, and Shogun tho. I just think the match ups favor Schaub and Forrest....but what do I know?

Altofsky site profile image  

8/23/11 4:36 PM by Altofsky

"I am not dressed."Someone tell the man to put some clothes on in future when he's scheduled for an interview.